FEBRUARY 3, 2022



This topic isn’t exactly breaking news, making headlines on all of the nation’s news outlets, although it should be. It’s been going on for years. Google has been quietly going about its business gathering up virtually every gigabyte of data from everywhere in the world. People that don’t think past the next five minutes of their lives may say, so what? It’s so handy to get factual data in an instant. The answer to that question lies in the statement. Whoever controls the data, controls the facts. Facts are no longer guaranteed truth. They are the truth as Google wants it to be. Right now, at this point in time, you can no longer depend on the information you get from Google, or any of the other search engine, as being absolutely true. Information is being manipulated and tweaked to further the leftist goals and aspirations of complete and total control of the masses.

This has been a major concern of mine for a while now. What prompted me to write about it, came about while doing some research for my last blog. It became apparent that the FBI is tweaking the facts. I went to the FBI website to research racial crime stats. I was shocked to see how it has been changed. I have gleaned data from this site before, and it was very clear and concise the way it was presented. Now, they have made a concerted effort to make sure the white vs. black crime stats look almost identical. They haven’t exactly lied, but they have manipulated the numbers by percentages to present a very deceiving picture of reality.

The White House and other governmental agencies have been doing this with the Covid stats. The numbers have been proven to be so convoluted nobody actually knows what is real. The government handing out money to hospitals for treating Covid patients just might be an incentive for hospitals to “cook the books”. Hospitals are always complaining about going broke, I would think a deal like this would be too hard to resist.

Recently, I have heard a lot of noise from the left about Democracy and its impending death. They should know, they are the actual killers. I’m highly amused by the constant “whining from the left about “disinformation”. These idiots are the purveyors of misinformation in its highest form. Everything that comes out of their mouth’s are blatant lies. Everything the left says and does, is designed to affect a certain outcome. These people are thinking years into the future. I’m not really sure what the Republicans are thinking about. They should change their name to the reactionary party. If the Republicans had half a brain, they would have seen the writing on the wall and broken up big tech monopolies years ago. But alas, it was easier to just take the money and shut up. If you’re going to preserve Democracy, you have to preserve the truth as well.


This guy changes sides more often than a tennis ball. People are talking about Biden’s mental condition, I think they should be taking a close look at Lindsey’s as well. I never trust anyone that can talk and smile at the same time. Those people scare me to death. One week he is Donald Trump’s biggest fan, next week he thinks Trump is wrong on everything. He has sided with the Democrats on every leftist Judge presented by Biden. He is going to endorse Biden’s pick for the SCOTUS, he has already said he would. Lindsey is far too dangerous to have in the senate. He is too unpredictable. He could very well abandon the party on a crucial vote and cause major damage. I really hope he faces a young and serious Republican on this next run for the senate and gets handed his walking papers.


This appears to be a very high stakes game of chicken. I am in a minority at the present time, but I think we should worry about our borders before we start enforcing the borders of Ukraine. This move by Russia, may be nothing more, than to diminish America’s influence in Europe, and the middle east. If Biden allows Russia to walk into Ukraine unabated, it will be a huge blow to America’s influence in that region. When coupled with the Afghanistan debacle, it will take decades to heal those wounds and build back trust in America. All of that considered, I don’t want to see more American blood and treasure spent on defending another country’s borders. I think the Biden State Department should be heavily engaged in negotiations right now to head off a potential disaster. The huge problem lies in the fact that Anthony Blinken is not Mike Pompeo. Anthony Blinken is as much an idiot as his boss. If Biden and his entire team were gun powder, it wouldn’t be enough to blow the lid off a can of Pork and Beans.


Start enforcing the damn law you freaking idiots.


What can we take away from this? Well, a black woman with a Jewish stage name, trumps a real Jewish woman, for making a dumb remark. The blowback against Roseanne was much more severe ( being really honest here ) because she verbalized her support for Donald Trump, and routinely called out leftists. Trump was also an avid supporter of Israel. Making light of the Holocaust in my opinion is much more egregious than making a remark about Valerie Jarrett. So they suspend Whoopi for two weeks, and fire Rosanne from her own show? Its gotta stop.


Pelosi warned US atheletes not to risk ‘incurring the anger’ of ‘ruthless Chinese government during Olympics. She went on to say that China could retaliate by damaging the reputation of the athletes. Will someone explain to me why we are participating in the Chinese Olympics? What Pelosi is in fact saying, is shut up and obey, don’t you dare speak out against the atrocities that China inflicts on its own people. It’s becoming apparent to me, the Democrats are in love with China. I think the Democrats see themselves as the leaders of the Peoples Republic of America. I’ll bet Pelosi already has her crimson uniform ready and waiting for that glorious day, when they can bury the Constitution in a time capsule. The Congressional Black Caucus will never have to salute the evil symbol of slavery, the Stars and Stripes, ever again.


The article talks about how Harry engages in self-care to help combat ‘burnout’. Burnout from what? Dealing with his crazier that batshit old lady? Give me a freaking break. What a self-absorbed asshole.


As you probably noticed, the big man is a spokesperson for everything from car insurance to pain cream. Everyone loves Shaq. Today he spoke out about Covid vaccine mandates, so you will probably be seeing a lot less of Shaq in the future. Sorry Shaq, I love you man.


This is exactly what happens when you allow the Federal government to control public schools. I worked as a public-school teacher in southern California for one school year in adult education. I was told by administrators that the Feds exerted a lot of power over school policies, in return for the money they gave the school district. Keep in mind, this was in the mid-seventies. You can only imagine what the pressure is like today. Public schools today are an abject failure in their intended role to educate the students, but they are a raging success in leftist indoctrination. If I were raising children today, there is no way I would allow them to attend public schools. I have relatives that are raising young children, and my sister-in-law (the children’s grandmother) is home schooling them. I recently spoke with her and asked her if she was using some sort of organized curriculum. She said it was from a Christian based organization, for grades K-12. She went on to explain the content, and how she organized her class time. I was totally blown away. When these kids graduate I will guarantee they will be way out front, compared to kids educated in the public school system.

I am not out of material by any means, but I am running low on energy. I am getting anxious to reunite with My Pillow. God bless Mike Lindell and his marvelous product. God bless all of you and your families. Not sure if we are going to win this battle, but God has promised you glorious place to reside for eternity on the other side. So, place your efforts where they count the most. Stay safe, stay strong, seek the truth always.


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