I saw a cartoon today that I felt was timely and true. The King and his advisor were standing on the balcony of the castle. Below were hordes of people with torches and pitchforks, bent on taking over the castle. The King’s advisor, says ” don’t worry, we’ll tell the pitchfork people, the torch people are going to take away their pitchforks”. Does that sound familiar?

I’m not a person that just walks around with my head down, ignoring what is going on around me. I pay attention, I watch, I listen. I have always felt that way. What I am feeling lately, is not a good feeling. There are dark forces all around us. They are turning people against each other for any number of reasons. Race, religion, national origin, fat, skinny, you name it. I have the very distinct feeling that people are on the verge of violence against each other. We see it every day in the large cities, but I don’t believe it’s going to be contained to the big cities, I think it’s going to spread.

I am posting a link for you to read. It is from the Heritage Foundation. It will help you understand how they are trying to dismantle our Nation as we know it. Right click on link, and click on open in a new window to read.

This is a lot of material to consume, but totally necessary for you to understand what the Democrat party is doing, and what their end game is. Please take the time to read it. Perhaps even print a copy to read at your leisure. The complexity of the plan is mind boggling but simple in application.

Stay strong my fellow Patriots, educate yourselves so you know what is about to take place. God Bless all of you and your families.


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