My blogs have been less frequent in recent weeks, not because of a lack of material to write about, I have been busy not being busy. Like hanging at the coast with my wife and friends. Been really hot in the valley, so the coast and it’s daily temps in the 60’s were irresistible. Even though I’ve been chillin’ I haven’t been able to ignore the daily chaos going on in this country and the world. It’s gettin’ a little scary.

I think even the most hard core lefty knows in their hearts ( though they would never admit it ) that Donald Trump positioned this country very well on the world stage, and for four years it felt “safe”. Donald Trump is a “strong man” and that’s necessary if you want to hold a prominent position in world affairs. You can talk all of the woke nonsense you want, but weak men are not respected in any walk of life. The Berlin wall is gone due to the assertions of a strong patriotic President, Ronald Reagan. Throughout history, America has always faired better under strong leadership. It’s the only thing that works, period. Make no mistake, societies that embrace socialism, are societies made up of weak people, people with no ambition, who want to lay about and be fed like zoo animals.

Weak leaders select other weaklings to serve under them for obvious reasons. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that General Mark Milley allowed Afghanistan to collapse into chaos, he was busy reading about white privilege and Critical Race Theory, and how to flush out all of the white supremacist’s from the ranks of the military. Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin have absolutely no idea what they are doing, they are so blinded by racism they can’t possibly do their jobs. Both of these idiots should be fired immediately if not sooner. Anthony Blinken should be right behind them. Who would have thought, there could have been a worse Secretary of State than Hillary Clinton, but Biden found him. Blinken is as worthless as the Lottery ticket I bought last week. These three dumbasses, along with Biden, ( head dumbass ) have succeeded destroying any and all confidence, that the United States can maintain it’s position as the leader of the free world.

Make no mistake, China has it’s eyes on Taiwan, and Biden’s handling of Afghanistan gave them a clear signal, they are free to take it at will, with no resistance from this White House. This Democrat administration couldn’t run the student council at your local high school. Putin is now free to do what he wants, as well as the Mullahs in Iran. The whole world is up for grabs.

The Biden administration has flung open the southern border, allowing the whole world to enter at will, with no passports, no papers of any kind, no future court dates to make their passage legal. No Covid tests. Many are currently Covid positive, yet they are being transported by the Feds to God knows where, all over the United States. The Feds are actually buying hotels and transportation companies to facilitate this movement. THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS AIDING AN ILLEGAL INVASION OF FOREIGN NATIONALS, WITH NO RESTRAINTS OF ANY KIND, AND NO LIMITS ON THE FINAL NUMBER.

While they are allowing this to happen, and exposing the American citizens to a greater risk of contracting Covid, they are restricting the freedoms and movements of American citizens under the guise of protecting them from Covid. This is insanity at it’s highest level. Nobody knows who these aliens are. Nobody knows if they are serial killers, rapists, terrorists, or what. This is supposed to be a representative Republic. Did anyone ask you if you were on board with this? I don’t remember any town halls concerning this issue. Matter of fact, the next time a politician suggests having a town hall meeting, tell them to “pound sand” and run them out of town, because they don’t give a damn about what you think, they’re just trying to get re-elected.

The Democrats have sown the seeds of racism, very successfully, it is a brilliant plan. While everyone is captivated by this huge lie, the left is busy stripping you of your freedoms, and you don’t even notice. You’re too busy arguing over transgender and gay rights. Too busy arguing over whether cows are causing climate change. Too busy arguing over how to produce electrical power, when every form of power generation has it’s drawbacks. The left is stopping all drilling for oil on Federal lands, and once again we are dependent on foreign oil, driving gasoline prices every higher. Make no mistake, the people getting hurt the worst are the working class folk, you know the ones the Democrats say they support? More leftist lies. Leftist policies are squarely aimed at the destruction of the middle class. The middle class folk are too hard to govern. The left wants low income, low education folks they can manipulate and control.

The whole western world is about to disintegrate, and nobody is paying attention, they are preoccupied with stupid, useless crap the left keeps baiting them with. Cuomo and Whitmer killed thousands of old folks in nursing homes by exposing them to Covid. Whitmer and her lackeys have successfully hidden the numbers, so nobody really knows what they are. The left mounted a campaign of sexual harassment against Cuomo, allowing him to avoid having to face the music for his policies that killed the seniors. Meantime in Australia, the Australian government has seized all control under the guise of Covid, and completely stripped the people of their freedom. This is exactly where we are headed, and we are going there faster than you realize.

Wait people, it’s getting worse. Using Covid as an excuse, the Feds have suspended all property owner rights. You can no longer evict someone living on your property for non payment of rent. This is in direct conflict with the Constitution, and a recent Supreme Court ruling but the Feds don’t care. They no longer need to pack the Supreme Court, they just ignore their rulings. Do you understand what is happening, the Executive and Legislative branches of government just eliminated the Judicial Branch without a single vote from the Senate or House. Did you hear any Republicans screaming ” you can’t do that”? Neither did I.

The “woke left” has successfully neutered police forces around the nation, some more than others, but nonetheless, doing effective police work is one hell of a lot harder than it should be. Police officers are quitting in record numbers, and why wouldn’t they. Would your risk your life and financial future when it’s obvious you have virtually no allies in government? I wouldn’t. So because of weak law enforcement, mob rule is the order of the day. Don’t kid yourself, Justice Roberts caved to mob justice when he refused to hear the voter fraud cases brought by Texas and other states. He didn’t want the mobs attacking his home. It’s obvious the Supreme court does not want to rule on anything that will cause the mobs to descend on them. I never thought I would live to see the day this would happen in the USA.

Today, August 17, 2021, should be noted on your calendars. The Federal Government dropped numerous hints that they will soon be flooding your cities and states with Afghani refugees, millions of them. If you think millions of Afghani refugees are going to improve life in your neighborhood, you would be dead wrong. People that cling to cargo jets, get crushed under the wheels, and fall to the ground from 2,000 feet, aren’t likely to be real productive members of society.

The left imagines the United States, filled with people from all over the world. When these folks come to the US, they naturally create neighborhoods of fellow countrymen. So you end up with hundreds of different cultures, dialects, and life styles. Virtually no unity, just more tribes of folks inhabiting a country different from their native land. Just what the left wants, poorly educated immigrants that can be easily managed, and will pose no problems for the ruling class. Which by the way, will remain mostly white.

The Federal Government, and the main stream media are just propaganda machines. Virtually every word they speak are lies. The entire government has been taken over by the left. There are no checks and balances remaining. There are still a few good Republicans, but I emphasize the word few, and they have no power to combat the actions of the “woke” fools.

I can’t say all I need to say about this in one blog. The following blogs will expand on this subject even more. Mark Steyn made the statement that ” Western society in general, is sliding off a cliff, and nobody is paying attention”. I’m paying attention, and it’s scaring the living hell out of me. I’m scared for my children, and their progeny. It’s time for all of us to fight back any way possible, even in the smallest way, to stop the slide. God bless you all.



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