I recently purchased this piece of American History, a 1943 Dodge WC51 military truck. It was the workhorse of the military operations during WWll. I came across it in a small town in Oregon while on vacation, sporting “For Sale” signs, and it was love at first sight. It now resides on my RV pad next to my house, so I can see it every time I sit on my patio and enjoy a cold drink. It’s a magical old truck, as I sit and admire it, I think of the greatness that once prevailed all across this nation, and the 110% dedication of Americans to win a very crucial war. Our very existence depended on an “all hands on deck” attitude, and it was a glorious victory indeed. The people and that attitude may never be duplicated again. All of these thoughts and memories come rushing into your head when you gaze upon the relics of this great war. As a die hard patriot, I can’t tell you how great it is, to own this piece of history. I am inspired by it daily.

The strength of a nation obviously depends on a strong military, but along with that, it must be a nation of law and order. People are much happier and productive, when they have the feeling that all is well. When they feel their families and homes are secure, as well as their futures. Add a strong dose of freedom and guaranteed rights, and now you have an unbeatable combination. When the nation’s citizens feel a deep love for their homeland, they will rise up and protect it on all fronts, foreign and domestic. We are about to be called upon again to save our great nation, this time from an enemy already within our borders.

World War Two, was won in a little over six years of fierce, and bloody battles, from 1939 until 1945. This next war will likely last much longer, and the goal will be equally as crucial, and will be fought right here at home. It will be a war of ideologies. The casualties could very well be measured in loss of freedoms rather than lives. The left launched an all out offensive to take over this nation on inauguration day 2021. They were laying the groundwork for how this would be done in 2019-2020. The forces on the right were obviously not paying attention, and as usual, they are playing “catch up”. The Democrats and Nancy Pelosi, actually showed their cards at the beginning of the legislative session in 2019 with the HR-1 bill. The Republicans read it and rejected it, yet allowed the left to implement the voting strategies laid out in the failed legislative bill, allowing them to skew the election, which we all know allowed “Dimwitted Joe” to win. In case you didn’t understand what I just said, the Democrats handed the Republicans the plan for stealing the election, and the Republicans did absolutely nothing to prevent it. What the hell do these people do? They’re supposed to be watching the “bad guys”, and headin’ ’em off at the pass. I’m still trying to figure out which side McConnell is on. If any of you have the answer, let me know.

So, let’s take a look at recent history, which doesn’t give me a “warm and fuzzy” feeling about a good outcome. Donald Trump came into office with a huge mandate, with the backing of working Americans. We had control of the House and Senate. The Republican Establishment led by Rino Paul Ryan, totally squandered it, and the second half of Trump’s term, lost control of the house, paving the way for the Russian circus, and two impeachment attempts. So, you can only come away with two conclusions; The Republicans don’t have the desire to fight, or, they are happy with the way things are, and just wanted Trump to go away. Either way, they have proven to be pretty much useless, and don’t give a damn about what the voters want. As far as ferocity goes, I would rank Mitch McConnell right up there with a cotton tail rabbit.

An excellent example of the lackluster Republican offensive, is the southern border. Biden and the lefties have thrown it open for the whole damn world to walk through. Are you seeing anyone mount a legal challenge to this? It is after all, a breach of the oath of office Biden took to protect our country and the Constitution. Have you ever poked a stick in an ant hill? The Republicans should be responding just like those ants do when you assault their residence. They should be running around “helter skelter” attacking anything that moves. Talk is worthless without action to back it up.

The left has created a whole class of people that hate America. They have convinced them it’s a horrible place. This is a very big problem. There are only two things that will expedite a change in their attitude. America will have to be brought to her knees by some sort of national crisis, where everyone must pull together in order to survive, or the government will have to declare martial law, and rule with an iron fist until law and order are restored. Martial law is a very dangerous road to go down, not a good idea, although is has been implemented several times in the US in limited areas.

What we need very badly, is for our citizens to reject the tribal concept of the left, and start loving our country once again. We need to unite with each other to bring the true meaning back to The United States of America. The left has taken us a long way down this road, it’s not going to be easy to undo their bad deeds. Who knows what the impact is going to be from this mass influx of illegal immigrants. Nobody knows who these people are, and what the real motives are for coming here in the first place.

When I’m relaxing on my patio and deck, I look over at my old Dodge, and long for that unity, and the bonds we once had as a people and a nation. My prayer is that we can somehow find our way back before it’s too late. God Bless all of you, and your families.


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