The ideas and opinions expressed below, are my own. I have formulated this viewpoint based on my observations of what has taken place over the past four years and years prior. I have been witnessing the forward march of the left, grow in intensity in recent years. There is an old saying, that comes from the scriptures, “the fields are white, ready for harvest”. Jesus was talking to his disciples, concerning the people of a nearby town, being ready to hear his word. This is exactly what I think of when looking at what has taken place over this past four years. The Democrats have been sowing the seeds of socialism for years, and they saw the fields as ready for harvest. I would have happened sooner if not for one Donald J. Trump derailing their plans.

In a like manner, Donald Trump also saw the fields as ripe, and ready for harvest, when he launched his populist movement. He just happened to be late to the party, the left had already gained too much power. The left had been putting their big guns in place slowly and surely, right under everyone’s nose and everyone missed it. The big guns were big tech, and their dominance of the media. The Dems were ready for a Donald Trump. They knew if they controlled the public discourse, they could control everything.

The Democrats had another “ace in the hole”. They controlled the CIA, FBI. and the DOJ. The Democrats control virtually every regulatory bureau in the Federal Government. One thing people need to understand, the the Federal Government is an entity unto itself. It’s reason for existence is no longer to serve the American people, but to serve itself, and perpetuate itself. The people that work in the Federal Government, for the most part, are not there for some noble or patriotic reason, they are there to merely enrich themselves in a guaranteed position, and at some point retire with a handsome pension. The American people are nothing more than “worker bees” providing tax dollars for these people to exist in a grand fashion. What’s sad about this, is they despise the very people that support them.

In order for this hostile takeover to succeed, several things had to happen.

  • Donald Trump had to go. He was wildly popular, and had a roaring economy. The economy had to be killed, that was the only sure way to defeat him. It was like Delilah cutting Samson’s hair.
  • In my opinion, the Democrats became bedfellows with the Chinese, and together unleashed the Corona virus on the world. What better allies? Trump was sure to win the election, and it would have been devastating for both of them over another the next four years.
  • Another thing had to happen. The middle class had to be decimated, so severe lockdowns started occurring across the United States. This killed small businesses and empowered the large corporate retailers. While small business owners were locked down, big corporations thrived, unscathed.
  • The general population was quarantined unable to gather. Virtually all of America’s Constitutional rights were nullified by executive fiat. When the general population can no longer gather, they can’t communicate, and thus can’t make trouble for the ruling class. To put the icing on the cake so to speak, the social media platforms started banning any speech that would spark dissent. Twitter even going as far as to censor the President of the United States. So much for the being the most powerful man in the world.
  • Almost everyone has heard rumors of the number of Covid cased being artificially inflated to make the situation appear extremely dire. I personally know less than five people that have contracted the virus that has been going on for almost a year. The Democrats had to make it look extremely dangerous, in order to pull off mail in voting. Voting by mail would almost surely guarantee complete control of all branches of the government. The Democrats have been engaged in mentally terrorizing the general public so they could pull of one of the biggest election scams in the history of this nation.

A very big clue that everything that I said above may be true, is how quickly Joe Biden is getting back in bed with the Chinese. He has nullified virtually all of the protections that Donald Trump put in place to protect us from China, and has opened the door wide, and put out the welcome mat.

There are so many other indicators, too many to cover in a single article. However, probably the most difficult part of this to understand, is the eagerness of the main stream media to go along with killing the First Amendment. There are independent journalists that are putting up a good fight, but they are seriously outnumbered.

I urge all of you that read this to stay alert. Pay attention to what you see, don’t let the main stream media blind you to the truth. From this point forward, knowing the truth is not going to be easy, you will have to seek it. Trust your own instincts, you will be able to discover the lies on your own.

I have been hearing people talk for years of a “shadow government”. I blew it off as “crazy talk”, thinking no way that could happen in America. After what I have seen in the past four years, I’m no longer sure about that. Matter of fact after the past six months, I’m not sure about anything. We may very well be past the point of no return, for getting our country back. I’m not real optimistic at the moment.




  1. Totally agree with you on what has taken place. Covid was a bio-weapon launched by China to take out our economy and, therefore, Trump. Who in the U.S. was part of that scheme has yet to be determined. “Cough,” Obama. The extent to who we know personally that contracted covid is: my husband’s doctor’s office, a friend of my daughter in law, and a friend of my son who flew to Florida on a business trip. All survived. Keep up your messages as we are getting fewer and fewer means of information. I think Facebook was the beginning of the left’s takeover.


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