Hang on boys and girls, the Biden train to hell is picking up speed. However, this week I have been encouraged by the number of people starting to throw objects on the tracks to slow it down. People are starting to realize how serious this attack on Freedom really is. The do nothing Republicans are even showing some spunk. ( big surprise ) So it appears that “Slow Joe” is going to start experiencing some of that resistance from Republicans, that the Democrats were so good at while Donald Trump was in office. One of the funnier examples of that happened this past week, when an anti-Cuomo troll on Twitter, used an old Tirade by Maxine Waters about harassing Trump aids, word for word. The Democrats went ballistic, forgetting that is was a direct quote from Maxine herself, and roundly condemned it as inciting violence. The speaker of the New York State Assembly said; ” it was appalling and dangerous, encouraging violence must never be tolerated”. Of course those of us that remember crazy Maxines statement, were rolling on the floor for a good five minutes. It really isn’t that hard to expose the stupidity of Democrats.


If this nitwit ever actually becomes President, it’s going to be an unmitigated disaster. She is 100% Democrat in the fact that every thought and decision this woman makes is based on race, and division. I would exhort you to look up her record as the California Attorney General, but thanks to Google, California Democrats, and other big tech folks, you won’t be able to find those records. They have mysteriously disappeared. How odd? Tulsi Gabbard was able to get that information during the Democrat primaries and used it very effectively against her. One of the many examples of her being on the wrong side of things, is how she responded to the Jesse Smollett debacle. Kamala Harris’ response; ” Jussie Smollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings I know, I’m praying for his quick recovery”. She went on to say; ” This was an attempted modern day lynching. No one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. We must confront this hate”. You don’t need another single piece of evidence to prove, that this woman is, at her core raciest.


How often has this tragedy happened in the world. A man or woman that speaks well, and is easy on the eyes, turns out to be dumb as a rock, ( or a crook ) after you have entrusted them with your fortunes. After all of the examples over the years, you would think people would wise up. Never forget, good looks don’t automatically translate to intelligence. Gavin is the perfect example of this. He was a disaster as the Mayor of San Francisco, and he has been a disaster as the governor of California. Even the Democrats agree, and have recently started voicing their concerns about his handling of the Covid mess. It seems to be a certainty that he will be recalled, the Republicans will have more than enough signatures by the deadline. You would have to delve into Gavin’s history of how he governs, to understand what brought him down. He has a history of being a “cowboy” and openly defying the law to get what he wants, and has never been challenged. It became obvious to observers, that Gavin was simply making up the rules on Covid as he went along, not really based on science, but rather on his own personal feelings. He made decisions on his own, leaving lawmakers in the dark. The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown, operates in the same way. Unfortunately, both recall efforts failed to bring her down. It doesn’t look like even his sister-in-law Nancy Pelosi, can save him.


Adam Kenzinger voted to impeach Donald Trump. Whining to Chuck Todd, on Meet the Press ( or as Rush calls it Meet the Depressed ) , Kinzinger says ” it is very difficult to take a stand in the Republican party.” He went on to say that his family and friends have turned on him, calling him a ” sellout”. That makes it pretty obvious that Adam is the only one in his family that has a mental disorder.

If you read my last blog, I was pretty bummed about things in general. I’m feeling a little better now as I am seeing evidence of a growing resistance to the Democrat take over. In my future blogs, I will be looking for positive examples of successes in this area, and report them. Have a great week, stay strong my fellow conservatives. Push back whenever, wherever you can.


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