For months, you heard the cry of Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and others, DEFUND THE POLICE! This picture looks a lot like what’s going on in Washington D.C. right now. The Democrats in power were openly saying they agreed with the demand to defund the police. Welcome to reality folks. The Washington elite ruling class are using the United States Military as their own private police force. They don’t give a rip if your city is ravaged with crime and murder, but you can bet your sweet ass they are going to be protected no matter what.


Make no mistake, the Democrats are using our military for political power. That is the epitome of a radical power grab. The actions of a dictatorship in full bloom. This is a disgusting act, every American should be outraged, no matter which side of the aisle your on. The only message you can take away from this, is they are in full control now, and if you try anything stupid, they will crush you. This is just the beginning of the beating you are going to take from these morons. When they are finished, you will be completely demoralized. They will take everything, including your dignity. We have seen this same scenario played out again and again, and yet we allowed it to happen.

All of the major corporations, media companies, and the government have now joined together as one force to whip you into obedience. It’s already happening, if you’re on the wrong side, you will not be able to find a job. People are already losing their jobs, and their business because they were Trump supporters. When you are losing everything, you will come around to their side pretty quickly. Democrat lawmakers and TV news commentators are calling for Trump supporters to be fired, or barred from holding office. This morning they arrested a young man because he was posting memes on social media that were disparaging to the people in power. I normally don’t get into religious rhetoric in my blog, but this is sounding a lot like the bible prophecy, the “Mark of the Beast”. If you don’t receive the “mark” you won’t be able to buy or sell, you will be an outcast.

You need to seriously think about this. These people are holding all of the power. They already monitor where you go, and what you purchase, by tracking you on your cell phones. They know what you buy, and who you talk to, by monitoring your internet use. They control your entire universe. They are watching your every move. It is impossible to escape their surveillance. The large financial corporations can make it impossible for you to obtain loans if you’re a conservative. They can deny your ability to buy firearms or ammunition with your credit cards. They will tax you into oblivion, to the point of breaking you.

You should understand that at this point in time, you are now powerless to change any of this. The government and large corporations have already taken over this nation. The images of the military and razor wire around the Capitol are all you need to know. The United States of America has now been bought and paid for. The politicians you voted into power, sold it to the highest bidders. Joe Biden and his minions are now going about the business of making Washington D.C. a state, Puerto Rico will be next, and there will never be another Republican controlled Senate. They are already laying the plans for packing the Supreme Court. It’s over people. Stealing the election was the last part of the plan, once that was done, the game was over. Over the next four years, you will see this country go downhill as you never imagined possible.

God Bless you all. I hope everything I wrote tonight turns out to be totally wrong, but I very much doubt it. The only Alternative is a civil war. That would be a very tragic end indeed, and would likely end up creating more misery than success.

Oh, by the way. The folks you saw on the street this past summer burning and looting, they will be unmercifully crushed by the new regime. The new people in power will not tolerate dissidents.

In the words of Kid Rock, “you ain’t got nothing to lose, that you ain’t already lost”.


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