There are days when the events in the world reach such a high point of absurdity, that I can no longer look at them seriously. This is one of those days, Christmas eve 2020.

The top of the list, of this weeks most absurd acts, was the so called Covid Relief Bill. I’m not going to detail all of the utter nonsense buried in this spending monstrosity, most of you have already heard it. Aside from the fact that an extremely small portion of this proposed legislation is actually written to help Americans impacted by Covid, showcases the hard cold fact that the U.S. lawmakers care more about the citizens of the world, than the citizens of the U.S.A. Please take note that a very large portion of those willing to pass this nonsense were Republicans. Lindsey Graham’s short speech about how happy he was about the spending proposed for the women of Afghanistan, made me want to throw up. This man is totally useless.

Harry and Meghan: Can anyone tell me why anything, regarding these two losers is relevant? Neither of them has any real power of any kind. Their so call Royal titles are a joke. Harry is given a title due to the fact he is the grandson of the Queen. The entire Royal Family is a drain on the English taxpayers, who get nothing in return. He was expected to perform public services to support wounded war veterans. After being sent to the worlds best schools, given rank in the military, and given one of the worlds cushiest positions, he can’t even seem to handle that. He has been sucked into the world of Meghan Markle, who is another total Hollywood loser, they both now find themselves on the outside looking in, on almost everything.

Young radical women: More examples of these crazy young women seem to cropping up lately. You saw images of hundreds of them participating in the summer riots across the U.S. bashing in windows, setting fires, and hitting people with clubs. See the link to the news article below to see how serious this is becoming.

Scott Baio and the “Happy Days” cast feud: It seems that Scott’s conservative viewpoints have interfered with the reunion of the “Happy Days” cast for some time now. I don’t know about you, but I have suffered countless sleepless nights over this dilemma. I can’t wait until this extremely serious matter is resolved and the world can return to normal.

Chrissy Teigen: Recently made the statement ” I’ll never be pregnant again”. That could actually be the best news of 2020. Truly a reason to rejoice.

A very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for making this my most successful blogging year to date. It has been a pleasure being able to express my thoughts about how I see the world, and obviously some folks share my views. It appears at this moment in time, I will have a mountain of material to write about in the coming years. I am sharpening my skills of sarcasm, they will be needed for sure.


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