You probably remember this guy, from the movie “Grease”. Well this pretty much sums up where we are today in the United States Government.

The rules are, there ain't no rules.

The states election boards decided under pressure from Democrat lawyers to amend the voting laws without the consent of the state legislators. Totally against the rules all day, every day. What the hell, we don’t care what the state constitution says, we’re doing it anyway. The the states Supreme Court backed up the lawbreakers.

Law says observers must be present during vote counting to make sure nobody is messin’ wit da count. They threw them observers out. Did anyone come to their aid to enforce the law? Hell no.

In the small wee hours of the morning, major ballot drops occurred, and decimated the lead Donald Trump had just hours earlier. Did anyone care? Hell no.

Over a thousand sworn affidavits were filed by witnesses that testified that their was strange stuff goin’ on during the vote tally. Did anyone care? Hell no.

Texas and over twenty other states filed a suit in the Supreme Court for voter fraud. A leaked video today, revealed the SCOTUS didn’t want to be responsible for the ensuing riots and violence if the took up the case. Does the SCOTUS really care about the Constitution? Hell no.

Hunter Biden has been under investigation for over two years, a big part of it pertaining to Ukraine. The FBI could have let that be known during the phony impeachment trial of the President. Probably would have made a big difference on a lot of fronts. Did the FBI care? Hell no.

Bill Barr ( another useless piece of dog crap ) could have revealed this before the election. Would have been great if folks had known about that so they could make a more informed decision on who the cast their vote for. Did Bill Barr and the DOJ care? Hell no.

It looks like Joe Biden is in this up to his eyebrows, may have been engaged in illegal shit while in office. Does the DOJ or FBI care? Hell no

Eric Swalwell was involved with a Chinese spy, caught up in a “honey trap” while serving on the House Intel Committee. Remember how he lied to the press almost daily about having proof Donald Trump colluded with Russia? Does anyone know if Fang Fang had access to his computer? She would have had plenty of time to peruse the contents while Eric was comatose after having his prostrate drained. Does the FBI and the DOJ care? Hell no.

The so called covid pandemic is decimating the economy. Hard working Americans are seeing their lives and fortunes go down the drain while Nancy Pelosi is dancing around, playing games, and not doing a damn thing to help save these poor folks. The State governors don’t care if their economies crash, the think “nutty Nancy” is going to give them a big payday for helping get rid of that evil Trump. So, do any of these dimwits in D.C. give a damn if you lose it all? Hell no.

Now, they say you have to take the vaccine to make all of this go away. But then they say, even though you’ve been vaccinated, you still have to wear the stupid masks, and suffer being in lockdown. They also say, even though you have been vaccinated, you could become infected. Then you ask, what if I have really bad shit happen to my body from this vaccine, can I sue the manufacturer? Sorry, they made sure the manufacturer couldn’t be sued. So you may be paralyzed on one side of your body, but you still have to wear a mask, and you can’t go out to dinner, and you can’t be compensated for having your life totally destroyed. So, does the government really give a shit about you personally? Hell no.

Little kids are virtually immune to covid, and are not spreaders. But the teachers unions don’t care, they’re not about to let the teachers be exposed to covid. But wait, the teachers are going out to grocery stores and hardware stores, and drug stores, and all kinds of other places with other adults, that do spread the virus. But that doesn’t matter for some reason. They are saving the teachers from little people that don’t spread the virus, and the little people are getting dumber and weirder being shut in, and not being allowed to associate with other little people. Do the high paid geniuses in the school boards care? Hell no.

Our colleges and Universities have been infiltrated with Chinese spies, that are very instrumental in helping silence conservative viewpoints. The professors are complete leftie Loons, so they are totally fine with that. Every generation of our college graduates are being indoctrinated to hate America. Does anyone care? Hell no.

Last summer, maniacs were running around burning down cities, destroying public property, hurting innocent people. Looting stores unimpeded, spray painting anything that didn’t move. Millions of dollars of property stolen or destroyed. Have you seen any of these assholes go to trial for their misdeeds? Have you seen anyone in government say it has to stop, now. Do you think anyone really cares? Hell no.

If you try to keep your shop or restaurant open, or just try to work in order to feed your family, they really care, They’re gonna fine your ass, maybe put you in jail. If you don’t wear your stupid little mask, they gonna be all over ya. Now, you may not even be able to travel on public transportation without proof of vaccination. If you try it, you gonna be in deep poop.

So you get your vaccination, and your cleared to travel to Disneyland with your fam. While you have your rental car parked outside the hotel with all your stuff in it, a crackhead breaks in and takes everything you brought with you. A cop just happened to witness it, but didn’t bother stopping the crackhead, because the DA that George Soros just installed, ain’t gonna prosecute him… ain’t worth it. Now your entire vacation is ruined, you really can’t afford to replace your stuff and continue with your plans. Does anyone really care? Hell no.

How did our country get to this point? Nobody cared enough to stop it. Sleep well.




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