Evil Ruler


The Democrat governors are absolutely giddy over the new found power over the citizens. The mainstream media is more than happy to assist them, continuing to sow fear among the citizens by citing skewed data concerning the Corona Virus. The media has a vested interest in keeping this thing going as long as possible to boost their ratings. The politicians have a vested interest in keeping it going, enacting all of the nonsensical programs they would never be able to get away with under normal circumstances. The Democrats and the Media are one in the same. They are a shameless duo, willing to go to any length to tear down the national institutions. We truly have the enemy among us, that are working every day to destroy our freedom.

American citizens need to quit cowering in their homes and tell the Democrat governors that we are taking back our cities and towns. Our rights and privileges are guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, the governors do not have the authority to take them away. It is time for a revolution against these mini tyrants. They have overstepped their boundaries and we need to remind them we are not serfs, or subjects, but Americans, and we are no longer going to allow them to disrespect our rights.

We are going to a rally at the State House on Saturday to voice our displeasure with this nonsense. We can’t go to a restaurant, or bar, but every pot shop in town is open for business. You can’t have elective medical procedures for maladies that are causing you great pain, or danger to your health, but you can have an abortion. You can’t go to church, but you can go to the liquor store. You can’t buy jewelry, but you can buy lottery tickets at the local convenience store. Some of the more aggressive governors have closed gun shops, and passed regulations that you have to have a background check to buy ammunition. You would have to be brain dead not to realize that leftist governors are taking this opportunity to punish the Christian conservative gun owners. They hate your ass and want to make your life as miserable as they possibly can.

The latest trick is some of the governors are saying, they are not going to open up the states until everyone is tested. They know damn well that is a goal that cannot be met. So, if everyone except 10 people have been tested they can say, sorry, it’s not 100%. People, this cannot go on any longer, it has to come to an end. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Innocent peoples lives are being destroyed, several of my friends have expressed being more and more depressed. My daughters life is being destroyed because she is a small business owner, can’t get unemployment benefits, and they are telling her that the small business stimulus is out of money.

These are the cold hard facts; The Chinese willingly allowed their residents to travel across the globe spreading the virus as they went. Everyone is talking about the cold and heartless Chinese. The cold and heartless Democrats have used this debacle for political gain knowing full well they are destroying lives of working folks in the process. They don’t care, as long as it makes it possible for them to regain power. They are willing to sacrifice the lives of their own party members for the acquisition of power. No different from the Chinese communist party, willing to sacrifice the lives of thousands of it’s citizens for what they call the “common good of China”. It is becoming increasingly clear, there is not a lot of difference between a Democrat and a Chinese Communist. The Democrats would strip you of your rights in a New York minute if they were able to achieve unmitigated power. If you are  unable to see this, you need to wake up, and stay awake, your freedom depends on your vigilance.

There are people that will read these words and scoff, saying, oh, he’s being unreasonable. Am I? Look at how fast you were stripped of your basic rights, and how hard it is to get them back. If you can’t see this, I believe you’re the one that is being unreasonable.



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