Big Bang

Holy cow, what a difference a few weeks can make. Just a couple of weeks ago the Dow was around 30,000, it has dropped about 10,000 points. I don’t know diddly about stocks, don’t own any. Don’t own any because I don’t know diddly. That being said, I can tell you what has happened in the past couple of weeks has been a disaster. This is what the numbers tell me when I look at them. When the numbers fall through the floor,  everyday folks that work for a paycheck to survive week to week, are going to suffer, and start losing stuff. That covers most people in my family. I’m already seeing the pain setting in with my kids and their kids, and my friends. My youngest is a physical therapist with a private practice, she has already lost over half of her clients, which is going to be a financial disaster for her. She is certainly not alone, restaurant owners, salon owners, small businesses of all types are literally going to get “killed” by this. The economic engine of the nation is small business. They make up 99% of the business community. The suffering is just beginning, we have a long way to go before this subsides.

So, how did this happen, and why now? I have a theory, and I’m willing to bet that it is pretty darn close to reality. I wrote a blog last week about how China has been spinning this web for years, and slowly drawing not just the United States into it, but the rest of the world as well. You don’t have to be some sort of genius psychiatrist to understand the power of greed. China offered the world cheap, almost slave labor, to produce goods at a very low cost, so they could be sold at a huge profit. China was very patient, it has taken them over thirty years to achieve their goal. They now control the world market on almost every essential need for everyday existence. What a spectacular position to be in. Along the way, the greedy corporations of the world have willingly allowed China to steal their intellectual property, not willing to give up their precious profit margins.

So, what was once a country with poor farmers, and an almost non existent GDP, has amassed a huge industrial complex that produces almost every product imaginable, and the engineering and science to make that happen, didn’t cost them a single cent. What is even more astounding, is the foreign corporations built the factories and labs. The western world in essence, just built and furnished the house of it’s future landlord.

Now, let’s discuss what just happened with the COVID 19 virus. The following is my theory, and opinion, based on my personal observation over my lifetime. You have seen these enormously evil guys in James Bond movies for years, plotting to take over the world through massive chaos and destruction. My friends, you are now watching this happen in real time, just like it happened in WWII. Only this time it’s not being done with Armies and Navies. It’s being done with fear and financial dominance.

The Chinese unleashed this virus on the world, that was engineered in their own laboratories. They knew exactly how it would perform, and how quickly it would spread. My guess is they have had this biological weapon in place for years, just waiting on the right time to release it on the world population. The time had come. Donald Trump was doing something no other President had the courage to do, he challenged China’s unfair trade practices, and did it very handily. He was putting a hurt on China’s plans. Not only that, Donald Trump is enormously popular, and they knew he was likely to win a second term. Four more years of Trump would set China’s quest for world dominance back years, maybe decades.

The perfect smokescreen would be to unleash the virus on their own people first. Who would think a nation would be so cruel. Anyone that knows communism, knows it has a very long history of killing it’s own citizens. After all, what’s a big deal about sacrificing a few thousand out of 1.5 billion in the quest for world dominance? They’ll never be missed. It’s certainly a much lower body count that you would have, if you engaged in an all out hot war. China certainly doesn’t give a rip about thousands of other people dying around the world, these are heartless bastards we are dealing with. Average Americans can’t fathom the cruelty of communism.

So, the whole world sinks into panic, the stock markets tank, and the western world comes to a virtual halt. The next move, which will happen very soon, the Chinese will make a move that will devalue the dollar, and sink the western markets into a deep depression. The western world will be mortally wounded, and the Chinese will have done it with only a minimum loss of life, and didn’t  fire a single shot. Not a single inch of infrastructure was destroyed by explosives. If you are going to conquer your foe, it’s very smart to do in a way that you don’t destroy that which made them wealthy.

The icing on the cake, is that there is a political party already in place, that will be totally willing to join forces and help the communists complete the task. What these fools don’t realize is that when the Chinese communists are finished with them, they will be systematically executed. Want proof, pick up a history book before they are all burned. It didn’t have to end this way, we should have kicked the greedy bastards out of office long ago. Sleep well America.




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