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There is so much to learn from history, in our interaction with Asia, since the second world war. But first I want to focus on how China lured America into it’s web, and came very close to devouring it. We are not out of it’s web just yet, but Donald Trump seems to be one of the few willing to fight off the predator. Make no mistake, China is an aggressive predator that wants very much to be the big dog on the planet. The fact that it is very close to accomplishing that goal, can be credited to the greedy corporate owners, and like minded politicians from our own nation.

man blinded by money

Jesus said “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God”. This is simply another way of saying that rich men, or men that focus only on the acquisition of wealth, have no loyalty other than the love of money. Their only focus is how they can acquire greater riches, and are willing to throw everything aside, including their patriotism, in the pursuit of wealth and power. That is precisely how, China became so powerful so quickly. Greedy Americans. 

While greedy Americans were swarming around China, like moths around your porch light, China was systematically spinning it’s web. Like a spider, catching it’s prey and slowly sucking the life blood from it. In other words, stealing intellectual property, even critical weaponry ideas, because of executives blinded by dollar bills, like the illustration above. I have inserted a link below, please take a look and see precisely what I am talking about.

I was horrified when Bill Clinton pulled off this bonehead stunt during his term in the oval office. Then if that wasn’t bad enough, the Clinton’s and others were involved in selling the Russians a large percentage of our uranium reserve. Why was this done? You guessed it, all in the quest for the almighty dollar.

One would think, when a person seeks the highest office in the land, that they are doing so to put on the armor of the stars and stripes, and look out, for not only for the citizens of this great nation, but the sovereignty of the nation itself. Well, it’s abundantly clear that America has been on the market to the highest bidder for the past thirty odd years. Always remember, when large companies are selling our technology overseas, the politicians that are allowing that to happen are profiting as well.

If the COVID-19 pandemic had not happened, the average Joe would have never known that China is the primary supplier of medical supplies, and antibiotics. Our politicians knew very well they had put this nation in this precarious position. They, and the greedy pharmaceutical companies allowed our avowed communist enemy, to get the upper hand, and have the ability to hold us hostage for life saving medical supplies. That my friend is the epitome of stupidity. That is borderline treason, to sell out the safety of our citizens for short term profit.

This problem needs to be addressed in the most urgent fashion. We need to bring home our factories that produce life saving medicines and medical devices. Make no mistake, moving this production to China was never about giving people lower cost healthcare, this was about companies and politicians lining their pockets, and enriching their shareholders. The labor unions have a big part in this as well. Labor unions should be more in touch with reality, and realize that wages and benefits play a major roll in the overall economy. There is a balance that must be maintained where workers make a comfortable living, and the company remains profitable. The British Automakers were killed off by greedy unions, it’s well documented.

China gained an incredible advantage in the eight years of Barrack Hussein Obama. The reason is as plain as the nose on your face folks, Obama didn’t know Jack about anything. He didn’t want to tackle the hard stuff, he just wanted to cruise along and not make any waves with anyone that would cause any sort of ruckus. Remember that famous speech he made about the “magic wand”, saying “exactly how would you negotiate that?” Instead he focused on trying to prop up a failing solar panel industry, while the Chinese are cornering the pharmaceutical industry. What would you rather have, a solar panel, or abundant medical supplies, and devices? Myself, I don’t remember the time when I really needed a solar panel. I have had several life saving surgeries, and spent several hours in ICU. This is precisely the shortsightedness I am referring to. Remember one important thing, 2020 hindsight never saved a single life, or won a single battle. Foresight saves lives and wins battles.

Vet your politicians more carefully. You may run out of politicians, but a shortage of politicians has never been a bad thing. An abundance of bad politicians is a bad thing. 



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