Republican National Convention: Day Four

This my friends is the picture of self confidence, determination and courage. President Trump has fought off the swamp creatures for over three years and just keeps on winning. He is going to win the impeachment battle as well.

The President’s list of achievements just keeps getting longer and longer in spite of the Democrats, and the deep states unrelenting attacks on him. In the past, you have seen the Democrats attack Republican presidents, everybody expects it, Democrats are like the playground bullies. It’s what they do. Past Republican presidents have, for the most part been mostly passive, and ignored the comments even though the comments have pretty darn nasty. I couldn’t believe what George W. Bush tolerated, it was brutal. President Trump is definitely not passive. What you are witnessing is a “gloves off” contest, and I personally love it. The fact that we have a “kick ass” president is freaking awesome. What’s even more awesome is our Republican lawmakers are starting to follow suit.

The Democrats are not stupid, even though that’s hard to tell by their actions, they knew Donald Trump was going to be a ” bull in a china shop. ” So the plan from the beginning was to paint him as an illegitimate president, elected by Russian interference in our electoral process. If you’ve never really thought about this seriously, you need to, because it was an amazingly complex plan. While your thinking about this, ask yourself, how many meetings did this require, and how many people were actually involved. This plan just didn’t evolve overnight by accident, in a vacuum.

The Democrats had already figured out that Donald Trump was going to be likely candidate in the 2106 election, and they knew how dangerous he would be, so they had to be ready if that in fact happened. The CIA and FBI swung into action and started getting ready to spy on Trumps campaign, setting up the mechanisms to make it happen.

Hillary Clinton and the DNC put up the money for the now infamous Steel Dossier. The money was laundered through Fusion GPS owner Glen Simpson, along with the help of Nellie Ohr, an employee of Fusion GPS, and wife if Bruce Ohr serving in the Dept. of Justice. The DOJ was in cahoots with the mainstream media, leaking details little by little to try to taint the Trump campaign.

In the meantime, the CIA and FBI are busy getting false FISA warrants to spy on the Trump campaign, based on the completely untrue Steele Dossier. The kicker here is that they knew it was untrue but used it to obtain FISA warrants anyway. James Comey is in it up to his eyebrows along with Brennan and Clapper.

I heard all the pundits talking about how these guys duped the FISA judges. I said from the beginning, don’t kid yourselves, the FISA judges were in on it as well. I  guarantee this will come out in due time. This whole group, including the FISA judges are total crooks.

When it became apparent that none of this was going to stop Trump, they came up with plan B. The Mueller Investigation. Keep in mind the Rod Rosenstein who was the acting attorney general in charge of the probe, was one of the guys that signed one of the FISA warrants based on the bogus Steele Dossier.

The Mueller Investigation was nothing but a dog and pony show contrived to impede the progress of the President and his agenda. They spent over two years and millions of taxpayer dollars, and in the end it was a total failure. Everyone involved it it, looked like fools, especially Bob Mueller himself, who basically sold his soul to the devil so they could use his name to try to make it look legit.

After the Mueller probe turned out to be a total bust, there was only one trick left in the bag, Impeachment. They had to find a reason to impeach, they have been talking about since about 15 minutes after his inauguration. In desperation, they focused on a phone call to the Ukrainian President. You know the rest of the story, the House Democrats totally screwed up the whole thing, like a ” Keystone Cops ” movie. Adam Schiff has now established himself as a pathological liar, Nancy Pelosi looks like a bumbling old fool.

What I find absolutely and totally unbelievable, is after all of this, after all of this has been brought out into the open, and everyone knows it happened……they still have the audacity to call Donald Trump an illegitimate President. He’s the best damn illegitimate President I have ever seen, and has my support 100% period. 

If Donald Trump had not been elected, we would have never known the shocking level of corruption in our government. God Bless the President.



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  1. Great summary! Keep it up.

    Remember Rod Rosenstein was the one who wanted to wear a wire and prove Trump was crazy and Strzok said he was friends with one of the FISA judges, so yes they were all in on it.

    Yesterday Biden said about Trump, “that man has no plans” and won’t give his administration any credit, something like that. This will be Biden’s platform, “they did it all and this illegitimate man took credit.” He’s also hinting at picking Michelle for vp which will garner some votes with Obama lovers.

    He’s the best darn “man without plans” I’ve ever seen.


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