spinal x-ray

Think about this for a moment; The House of Representatives voted for articles of impeachment, that every Democrat knew was a total sham, here are the results: 1 nay, one present. There are 232 Democrats in the House, that is a defection rate of .008%. I’m proud to say that 100% of the House Republicans voted nay, which pleasantly surprised me.

Sadly the Republican Senators don’t seem to have the same cohesion. There are 53 Republicans, and two independents. There seems to be six Republicans that are wavering. That could be an .11% defection rate. .008% vs. .11% is not good.

So, if these six people in reality, subscribe to the Republican ideology, why are they wavering, when the evidence is overwhelming that no crimes were committed, and nothing in the Democrat’s Impeachment Articles state that he broke any laws. What the hell are these people thinking, if at all?

I really haven’t followed the other Senators at all, and really know very little about them, other than the fact they seem to be contrarians. The one that I know pretty well is Mitt Romney. I would never trust this guy with anything. Good old Mitt would throw you under the bus in a nano second, if he thought the results would work in his favor. The people of Utah have to be horrified by his behavior. Romney doesn’t even remotely come close to filling Orin Hatch’s shoes, he is an embarrassment to the people of Utah. He and John McCain must have had some sort of agreement, that Mitt would follow in this footsteps after his death, because I can’t tell the difference between them. I never liked John McCain, in my opinion he was the biggest RINO in the Senate.

The only thing I can think of, that these idiots have in common, is that they love the attention they get from their contrary behavior. They must love reporters falling all over themselves to hear their idiotic diatribe. They never stop thinking of themselves long enough to consider what their constituents would really want them to do. Instead, they pursue their fifteen minutes of fame, while screwing over thousands of voters, and ignoring the true facts in front of them, that the Democrats have no case.

I can’t name the times I have been let down by the Republicans for the very reasons I cited above. That is precisely the reason I no longer belong to the Republican party, and I register as an Independent. At the very moment you think they are going to finally come through and do the right thing, they cave in. If these useless twits don’t stand strong against the Democrats and resist calling witnesses, they need to be ran out of town on a rail.

So, these so called Republicans will allow the lowest, most despicable liars on the planet, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler, a victory, after making a complete mockery out of the Constitution? If they do this, they will also have allowed these people to make fools out of them. There are simply no words to describe what low life’s these individuals are. Not only will they look utterly stupid, this will set a very dangerous precedence for future Presidents, no matter which party, and may damage the Constitution irreparably.

If the Republican Senators don’t stay unified, this will truly be a sad day for America. Hope and pray they will come to their senses before they do something really dumb.





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