Despite what the dimwit Cuomo said recently, America has always been great. Yep, we’ve had our moments in history, that were somewhat regrettable. What large family hasn’t had those moments? However, when you compare the good ol’ USA with the rest of the world, we were always better, and will always be better. Obama was dead wrong. Below is a list of what made this nation great and why.

  • This nation was founded on the premise that all men and women should be free to pursue their dreams and passions, and create a better life for themselves and their families. That freedom was guaranteed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. In other words your dreams and aspirations were protected within a framework of laws, that no one could revoke just because they, didn’t like you, or because of your religion, or lack of religion, or any other trivial reason.
  • The Founding Fathers, made sure, that they recognized that these rights and freedoms were given to us by God the Father. By doing so, in essence were stating, that they were mere mortals, acting in God’s behalf, and greatness was his, not theirs.
  • The Founding Fathers were very clear when speaking of the sanctity of life, and how utterly important it was.
  • This nation was built by the hands of everyday men and women, working together, hand in hand. Forging America through the strength of families, and villages of hard working, law abiding people. People with a common goal of making America the greatest nation on earth. United and determined, in the face of any and all obstacles.

Through the years, our nation grew and prospered. People from all over the world wanted to join in the effort, wanted to be part of this remarkable place. They didn’t come here to re-establish their homeland on this continent, they wanted to be part of the American Dream. There simply wasn’t anything else like it. People from virtually every corner of the earth created this fabulous place. But it wasn’t a cacophony of hundreds of languages and cultures, it was one language, one culture, it was America.

Sadly, the left has steadily eroded all of that with the blatant lie that ” Diversity Makes Us Stronger”. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Strength is derived from Unity not Diversity. It is nothing more than identity politics to weaken the populace and make them more controllable.

The left has waged war on families for years with great success. The traditional family is now on the endangered species list. And the prospects for revival are dim and best.

The left is hell bent on allowing the killing of unborn children no matter how far into the pregnancy, and even after they are born. Several states have passed abortion laws that are nothing more than legal infanticide. The thought of this is horrifying to average Americans, yet the left is pushing forward harder than ever.

The left is constantly harping on how they are for women’s rights, to virtually anything they can think of. If you listen to these folks, you would think that women are somehow enslaved, with few or no rights at all. Yet in spite of this never ending noise, they are attempting to pass a law, that gives transgender males the right to share spaces previously for women only ( locker rooms, restrooms, etc. ) plus allows them to compete in women’s sporting events, putting women athletes at a huge disadvantage. They are in essence giving preferential treatment to mentally deranged males, over the rights of females. Let’s be perfectly clear, men that think they are women, are mentally screwed up. If you disagree, I don’t care, I ain’t running for office now, and never will be. So you can put it where the sun don’t shine.

The lefties want totally open borders, socialism, unbridled abortions, total ban on firearms, erasure of all American history and historical monuments. Abolition of the Electoral College. Hell, AOC is now calling for people to stop growing cauliflower, calling it “colonial”. There isn’t one traditional practice or tradition that the Democrats don’t want to destroy. They would like nothing better than to tear the whole thing down and start over. If you think that would work out well, watch C Span for about a month, you’ll change your mind. Can you imagine Maxine Watters or Gerald Nadler in charge of anything greater than refilling the paper towel cabinets? These people are more worthless than urinals in the women’s restroom. They are so obsessed with their hatred for Donald Trump, they have lost whatever sense of direction they may have once had.

So, ladies and gentlemen, you can put an end to this by showing your strength at the polls, and voting these idiots out of office. There are some Republican incumbents that need to go as well. We can’t allow this craziness to continue, if we do, we’ll lose it all. Show your American Muscle.


bill of rights    



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