I was more fortunate than most, I was born into a family that was very open and honest about what went on in our family. I don’t remember any so called “family secrets”, everything was pretty much out in the open. My Mother was a staunch truth teller, and my Father talked a lot so secrets didn’t stand much of a chance.

So, you can imagine how difficult it was when I married into a family that had more secrets than the CIA. You almost had to have a security clearance before you spoke to anyone. If you divulged anything that you heard or saw, it was close to a flogging with a “cat of nine tails”, and it was entered into the records of shame. You were presented with an appropriate play back if you stepped out of line again. By the way, those records were permanent, more safe than ” the cloud”.

I was married for forty-six years before I was widowed, and the level of energy that it took to keep these skeletons hidden away was phenomenal. I’m convinced that it took a very big mental and physical toll on the keeper of the vault, my late wife.

Funny thing about those skeletons, they have a way of getting messages out of the closet, and into the hands of the wrong folks. When they do, it causes immeasurable pain to unsuspecting family members, that didn’t deserve it. The keeper of the vault is then faced with having to explain, and quite often leads to more lies to try and cover up the reason for the secret. Unfortunately, the trust is broken, and the vault keeper loses their credibility. Those skeletons have a new ally on the outside, it’s called DNA. Eventually DNA will free everyone’s captive skeletons.

So, I have some advice. If you have some of those pesky guys hidden away, I strongly suggest you set them free. Setting them free will set you free. I will tell you anything you want to know about my life, and my family. I have no secrets. I will not have any secrets. I don’t want the burden thank you. It’s hard enough to deal with the truth on a daily basis. I am not ashamed of anything I have done in my life. The bad things I have done, I have rectified with the Lord, so I don’t care what you may think. Your mere human judgment means nothing to me. No secrets means no one holds any power over you.



One thought on “WHAT’S IN YOUR CLOSET?

  1. My mother swept everything under the carpet. I think she died young with a secret only her and her mother knew. She never talked to her father. She didn’t cry at his funeral. And there are no relatives alive to ask.


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