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I wasn’t always an addict. I sorta had a normal life once, but it’s been so long ago I barely remember it. I went back in my memory to find out when it all happened, when I became addicted to politics. I don’t think I gave the matter much thought prior to Bill Clinton’s time in the White House. I really didn’t pay much attention to “Slick Willy”, he was sort of a middle of the road guy. Most of his craziness happened after dark. He had a roaring economy, and I owned a small business, things were going well and I was too busy to notice what he was up to. I did think that Serbia thing was sort of wacky. Never took the time to really look at it.

I voted for George W. Bush. I thought he handled the 9-11 tragedy pretty well, and brought Americans together in a time of crisis. However, I totally disagreed with the Iraq war, thought that was a huge mistake. Saddam was a powerful dividing force between Iran and Syria. As bad a guy as he was, the Iranians were afraid to take him on. When he was gone it was a green light for Iranian expansion. During the Bush years, is when I first began to notice the viciousness of the press against Republicans. It bothered me.

So 2008 came along and Barrack Obama appeared on the scene. I thought he was an interesting guy, seemed to be a little green to be running for president, but what the heck. His ethnicity didn’t bother me at all, why not a black president I thought. I certainly never was a John McCain fan. I always thought John was a sorry excuse for a Republican, although I ended up voting for him. Barrack was never really vetted, and nobody really knew much about him.

So, Barrack Hussein Obama was sworn in as president, and that is when I became addicted to politics. What caught my attention was his constant apologies to other world leaders about America. The first lady saying that she was never proud to be an American. But, when he bowed in front of the Saudi King, my mind would never be right again. After he did what many call his ” World Apology Tour”, I lost all respect for the man. He was a little too cozy with the Muslim world, and it made me very uncomfortable. After all, it was just a few years earlier, Muslim terrorists killed almost 3,000 Americans at one time.

Not too far into his presidency, it became quite clear, he had a distinct dislike for the Police, and his buddy Eric Holder was right there with him backing him up. In my opinion, we are still feeling the effects of their attitudes, when we witness a never ending assault on our peace officers. Nobody could ever convince me otherwise. Ask yourself; How many police officers were gunned down during the Clinton and Bush years?

Now take a look at the last two and a half years, and the never ending attacks on President Trump and his family. The media have been like rabid dogs. The Democrat politicians will not let up, even though their narrative has been proven totally wrong.

People, I seriously need some type of intervention. I think a tropical island with no communications other than the Nascar channel, might work. Maybe an app for Motor Trend TV as well. I think I would have to have an air drop at least once a month of burgers and fries from Nancy Jo’s, and a cooler of Dos Equis in the green bottles. Oh yeah, a case of Little Debbies chocolate covered sugar wafers. MMMMM.


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One thought on “I’M AN ADDICT, NOW YOU KNOW!

  1. Yes a tropical island is a splendid idea indeed! I’m actually heading to one in 11 days LOL Salt water soothes the Soul🥰 It’s great to disconnect from the gadgets every once in awhile😁


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