Blob Fish

I love this picture, and I knew I would find a place to use it someday. The epitome of a sad face. 

I used to be a pretty carefree guy. Pretty much lived in my garage, working on my cars and motorcycles, getting ready for the next adventure on two or four wheels. My ghetto blaster making the rockin’ sounds of ZZ Top or the Doobies while twisting nuts and bolts. It never crossed my mind what the hell was going on the Washington DC, or Sacramento. I crisscrossed the Mojave Desert on my trusty MX400 Yamaha dirt bike, and slept in my trusty old Ford Econoline van. My version of an RV. I’ve slept in the desert with a million stars overhead without a care in the world. 

That’s what candidate Trump was talking about when he was talking about ” Making America Great Again”.  Those days when you could make a decent living, own a home, have some big boy, and big girl toys. Not worry about being accosted while fishing off the pier at Huntington Beach at midnight, or strolling along Newport Beach in the moonlight. You could feel safe in your cities and parks. Now that I’m older, and watching my money a little closer, and maintaining a very nice home, the Democrat Governor and Legislature are constantly dreaming up new taxes and raising the old ones causing me great concern that they will eventually make it impossible to stay in the home I worked my entire life for.

My friends, it’s the greedy politicians that are sucking the life blood from you. It used to be every man for himself. You either made it or you didn’t. You sank or swam. Now, the politicians ( social engineers ) want to take your hard earned money to support the slackers, addicts, and any other socialist program they can dream up. The reason it’s getting harder for you to support yourself is that you are supporting a horde of others. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the brilliant bastards came up with the astronomical retirement plans for public employees that you pay for with your tax dollars. Think about that for a minute, you paid social security taxes for your own retirement, and now you are paying taxes for someone else’s retirement. And if your working past retirement age, you will pay taxes on the social security that you already paid taxes on once before. Are you getting happier?

To add insult to injury, these brilliant bastards I spoke of earlier, have passed insane immigration laws that have allowed our cities and towns to be flooded with illegal immigrants with little or no education, and no skills, that have definitely created an additional tax burden that you and I are paying for. Our schools and hospitals are being pushed to the point of breaking. Virtually every illegal immigrant is on some form of government assistance. In the face of all of this, the southern border is being overran by thousands more illegal immigrants, that we can’t possibly feed and house, and the idiots in Washington act as if it’s not happening. Totally ignoring it.

Virtually everyone, that is even remotely aware that sun rises in the east, is aware of this. You know it, you feel it. you experience it. You shop in your neighborhood market that you shopped in for years and you’re one of the few people that still speak English. You know damn well this isn’t right, and you also know in your heart who is responsible. It’s the sanctimonious asshole politicians and social engineers that tell you if you feel this way you’re a raciest and a bigot, a xenophobe. No you’re not, you’re just a poor sap that thought that all of that hard work and law abiding lifestyle would have some rewards, like a peaceful life when you got older. Who the hell wants to see Arabs walking around in their neighborhoods wearing the same shit they wear in Syria or Somalia? This is America it ain’t Afghanistan. It’s a sad day in America when a blind person with a seeing eye dog can’t get a ride in a cab because the driver is a Muslim and hates dogs. Anyone that hates dogs doesn’t belong in America.

Because these brilliant bastards want to control every aspect of your life and thoughts, they want to strip you of your right to free speech. They also know if they strip you of your right to keep and bear arms, taking your rights to free speech will be one heck of a lot easier. If you don’t believe me, look what happened in England. That’s exactly what they are trying to do in America. Those poor suckers in England have been reduced to little more than serfs.

Probably the saddest part of all of this, is that the free press, has become the mouthpiece of the leftist politicians, that want to turn this country into a socialist hell hole. The free press should absolutely be the very last barrier of resistance, the defenders of total freedom. The press is no longer the defenders, they are the facilitators. This country is being turned wrong side out by unscrupulous politicians and big money manipulators like Soros and others. That’s the way I see things because I’m a Nationalist, not a Globalist. Screw everyone else, fight your own damn battles, America First.






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