I was a Seattle area resident for 15 years. Moved there in 1990 because I wanted out of the California nonsensical lifestyle, made that way by miserable left wing politics. When I moved to California in 1963 it was pretty darn close to paradise. Raised my family in southern Cal, would not change that for the world, what a ride. We are all gone now, we have moved to better places where life makes more sense. When we moved to Seattle, it was a truly beautiful city, just like California was, when we moved there. Over the years we saw the same thing happening to Seattle that happened to California. Leftist politics were slowly destroying a gorgeous city. The documentary you will see is truly disturbing. The city governments in all of the major west coast cities should be thrown out and be replaced with interim officials until they can clean up this disgusting mess. This should not be happening in America. 

Think about something while you are watching this documentary. The morons running these major cities are more concerned about shielding illegal immigrants from ICE, than fixing this truly deplorable problem. These people in the city governments are absolute halfwits, worthless in every sense of the word.


Do whatever you can to help make this problem go away. First thing to do is quit electing democrats to run your cities. They run them alright, right into the ground.


Old Glory

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