This past weekend, was the beginning of the ” Bridge Crossing Jamboree ” which commemorates the terrible day of March 7, 1965 when a group of civil rights marchers and activists were participating in the Selma to Montgomery March. As they crossed the Edmund Pettus bridge, they were driven back into Selma by State and local law officers. Many of the marchers were seriously injured.

As you might imagine, the Democrats take the opportunity to stoke the fires of racism during this event, and Hillary was right in the middle of it. As I listened to her speech, it was nothing more than the same old tired talking points of the left, that they have used over and over again. As a matter of fact, so many times, I could have actually written the speech she gave from memories of her past speeches.

This is a list of the talking points that Hillary and the other Democrats cite, again and again;

  • Voter suppression  ( no proof that this still happens, it’s pure B.S. )
  • Manipulating elections. ( she should know better than anyone )
  • Blacks being oppressed by widespread racism ( more B.S. )
  • Republicans are racists and evil, and want to hold back blacks and people of color.
  • Republicans want to take away women’s rights.
  • Republicans are racists for wanting to stem the flow of illegal immigration.
  • Republicans are trying to take away freedom of the press.
  • There needs to be more gun laws and universal background checks.
  • If they lose, the electoral college needs to be abolished.
  • Free healthcare and college education for all, no matter the cost.
  • Republicans are xenophobes, homophobes, misogynists, and smell bad.

She actually said, that during the presidential election, voters in Wisconsin were not allowed to vote because of their skin color. If you or anyone else actually believes that crap, you probably believe that the earth is flat. Virtually everything that comes out of a democrat politicians mouth is a blatant lie. Debbie Wassermann Schultz was quizzing the weasel Michael Cohen about election collusion when she herself was kicked out of the DNC for rigging the primary for Hillary. Think about that one for awhile. Donna Brazil was feeding the debate questions to Hillary so she could prepare her answers in advance. Hillary bought a fake dossier on Trump for six million dollars, got her friends in the FBI to use it to open a probe and spy on the Trump campaign, which ended up becoming the Mueller probe, and she has the audacity to talk about election rigging. She broke multiple laws with her private server while serving as the SOS, and her buddies in the FBI and DOJ, covered it up. If all of that ain’t collusion, I’ll kiss your butt on main street and give you thirty minutes to draw a crowd.

So when you hear Hillary and other democrats talking about corruption in the government, listen to them, they know what they’re talking about. They’re responsible for most of it. Hillary has used every dirty underhanded trick in the books. She and Bill wielded a tremendous amount of power in Washington for a very long time. So much power that politicians on either side thought twice before taking them on. They were part of the deal that sold 20% of our uranium to Putin, made millions, and got away with it. They used Clinton Foundation funds for personal gain and got away with it. But their day is over, they are two tired old war horses that seriously need to be put out to pasture. Her rhetoric is old and worn out, and totally predictable. She just needs to shut up and go away. A growing number of democrats agree.


Old Glory


  1. I was shocked that she said voters were turned away because of their color or AGE? What age aren’t we allowing people to vote? That was a new one on me. But she gets away with it. No one calls her out. She just added reason number 46 why she didn’t win–voter suppression–yet she never mentions the illegals that voted for her in California with provisional ballots. Without those provisional ballots she wouldn’t have won the popular vote,


  2. Benjamin Franklin (1706–90)
    QUOTATION: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”

    “A Republic, if you can keep it.”


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