Not too many happy faces here, and for a good reason. In spite of throwing everything at Trump they could possibly think of, they can’t slow him down. He had a 76% approval rating for tonight’s speech. The speech was great, and when compared to the Democrats, he definitely looked like the adult in the room. The eight years of Obama’s foreign policy was a huge disaster. I was embarrassed by his approach to foreign leaders. Instead of approaching them with American pride, he looked as if he was ashamed to be representing America. President Trump stands tall and proud for America, and demands respect. I’m loving every minute of it.

President Trump is attempting to put a deal together with these half wits to protect our southern border, but they would rather die than make a deal. All the while putting American citizens in danger. Six years ago, the Democrats sounded exactly like Trump regarding illegal immigration, now their hatred of Trump has overtaken their ability to think.

What the heck is this sudden shift on partial birth abortion. This is not a popular position with most Americans. Nobody in their right mind would even consider anything this barbaric. What the heck are they thinking? I challenge anyone with this position, to go to  an abortion clinic, and watch this procedure in person. Watch, as the doctors murder a viable baby, and dismember it, and harvest it’s organs. I’ll bet if you witness this in person, you will never be an advocate of it again. A baby human being is the most precious little critter in the world. How many times have you held a baby close and smelled their sweetness. What kind of demonic monster does it take to kill a baby in cold blood? You’re expected to accept this if you’re a Democrat, let that sink in.

The Democrat’s favorite political tool is racism. Everybody is a raciest. They have gotten so carried away with this crap, that recently they accused a black person of being a raciest against another black person?? How does that work? They are absolutely over using this to the point, that it’s pointless. It’s a convenient allegation that is impossible to prove. That is, unless you posted a picture of yourself in your college yearbook in black face, or in a KKK costume. The saga of good ol’ Ralph Northam is classic karma. This happened after he repeatedly called his political opponent a raciest, and there was absolutely no proof of that. It was pure political hyperbole. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, as they say.

Remember all of those self righteous Democrats demanding that everyone take Christine Blasey Ford at her word. It didn’t matter if she had no witnesses or any corroborating evidence. You had to believe her because she was a woman. Listen boys and girls, this had nothing to do with Ms. Ford, it was all about keeping Brett Kavenaugh off the Supreme court because he represented a threat to the golden calf of abortion. You want to know how I know this? Kieth Ellison’s live in girlfriend accused him of serious abuse, and the DNC lawyers made sure her story never amounted to anything. In case you may be confused about who Keith Ellison is, he is second in command in the DNC, and for years was a member of the Nation of Islam. You know, that organization headed up by the Jew hating, America hating Louis Farrakhan. That guy. Watch closely while they demolish the character of the woman accusing Virginia Lt. Governor, Justin E. Fairfax of sexual misconduct. Also pay close attention to how many of those avid Kavenaugh protesters show up at the hearing.

I’m sure you have seen and heard all of the brouhaha over the so called cultural appropriation. You know… it is a mortal sin to wear the traditional costume of citizen of a foreign country for a party costume. You will be ripped apart on social media and called all sorts of vile horrible names. How could you be so rude and crude to do such a despicable thing? Today,  the Washington Post, posted a picture of a license to practice law in the state of Texas, that belonged to Elizabeth Warren. She listed her race as American Indian. However, she still maintains that she never used race ( which is the ultimate cultural appropriation ) to gain better position. This woman like the others, is an out and out liar. I’m surprised she didn’t invite Rachael Dolezal to the SOTU tonight.

I could go on for at least another hour, but it’s been a long day, and I am going to save my other stuff for another blog. Never forget, that if a Democrat is telling you something bad about someone else, they’re probably guilty of doing it themselves. It’s been proven to be true over and over. They are the party of “smoke and mirrors”.


Old Glory


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