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I quit traveling by air several years ago, I absolutely hate what it has become. I hate going through the lines, taking off my shoes, taking off my belt, taking everything out of my pockets, then having to put all of that stuff back where it started. Then the terminals are so huge, you have to walk a country mile to get to your gate. I have an arthritic knee, and after all of that standing and walking, the pain is starting to set in, and my attitude is starting to deteriorate. So you might imagine that having a knee that’s killing me, and already being thoroughly pissed off, and then I have to sit down beside a very large person that is taking up at least 25% of my personal area, my attitude deteriorates even further. So if the other person in third seat can’t shut up, smells bad, or does anything else obnoxious, I start looking for someway to escape. I’m thinking maybe I should have brought a cyanide capsule. The only redeeming thing about air travel, is you get there really fast, but I can tell you even that doesn’t matter anymore. It simply isn’t worth being forced to do all of those unpleasant things.

When I lived in Mission Viejo, California, we often took the Amtrak to San Diego for the day. It was great. We parked our car at the train station, jumped on the train, relaxed, and enjoyed the view of the ocean while we snacked and visited with each other. When we came home, we didn’t have to suffer through the horrible traffic on I-5, we just relaxed and enjoyed the trip. Another great thing about trains is the seating. The seats are not crammed into a tiny space with no leg room, and are adequate for larger people. If you don’t like your seat you can usually get up and move, you’re not assigned to a particular seat. You can get up and walk a bit if you choose. If you’re taking a cross country tour, you can enjoy dining at a regular table with real food, and even rent a space in a sleeper car. The bonus is that you can see the scenery at eye level not 30,000 feet below. But everything has it’s negatives. The negative thing about a train is that it takes a long time to go a long distance. However, if you have the money and the time, wouldn’t you really prefer the laid back life style of train travel. I’m sure you would talk about the train trip for years to come, unlike trying to forget the horrible trip by air when some drunk was trying to open the emergency door and it took two attendants and three passengers to subdue him before he killed everyone on the plane.

I couldn’t resist reverting to politics for just moment, because what I saw was so revealing. The Democrat princess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a little video, for who knows what. In the video, she talks about how important it is to clean your face thoroughly before you go to bed, which includes removing your makeup. ( the video was obviously targeting women ) and goes into some detail about the best ways to do this. Then she goes on to say how important it is to have nice comfortable lounging clothes that match. She says that you have your nice work clothes, so it’s important to have nice lounging clothes.

Why am I even talking about this? Because she is the avowed socialist, that says everyone must share the wealth, you know, like they do in Venezuela, Cuba, and other socialist hell holes. I wonder how many women in those places have expensive cosmetics, facial cleansers and matching sleepwear. This woman is a whack job, plain and simple. I really think she makes these bizarre statements to get attention, because very little she says makes any sense. It’s just babble. If you want to understand Ms. Cortez better, watch the movie ” Being There ” with Peter Sellers. It will tell you all you need to know about her. She is the female version of  the Peter Sellers character.



  1. Ben, another good one, keep it going. As to air travel, the car and train is way to wet from here.
    As to “Being There” (one of my all time favorite movies), I think your analogy is a put down to the Peter Sellers character. For me Cortez is more like a rock that can talk.
    B Botts


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