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Before I get into making my point, and expounding on my conspiracy theory, I am certainly not alone in this line of thinking. I had these ideas when we first started hearing about the so called “caravans” moving north. So far I have devoted two articles to this issue, and I was absolutely correct in my observations. I didn’t even have to take a quick course in Spanish, and make a trip to Mexico. To coin an old phrase, ” it was as plain as the nose on your face”.


We know without question, there are some very dark forces at work in the Land of the Free. There are folks that want to do real harm to the United States of America. They want to bring this nation down, and will stop at nothing to make that happen. However, they are a relatively small group, and must stay hidden from sight, for obvious reasons. If you don’t know how few their numbers are, they can make themselves look quite powerful.

This small group of people believe that a nation with borders is just plain wrong. They believe that people from other nations should be allowed to simply walk in, unfettered, and take up residence here, at their free will. They think that the richest and most powerful nation on earth should have an open door policy, and everyone should be able to share the wealth. The problem with this concept is, that this nation would very soon look like Ecuador. I don’t know how you feel, but I like it better the way it is. I’ve seen pictures of Ecuador and I prefer the USA. I don’t think the Arabs have done such a great job in their homelands either.

So these nut jobs have developed a plan. They send organizers to Central America and start telling these poor souls that if they join in these caravans, they can bust into the United States. Now if these folks were transported by motor vehicles it wouldn’t look good. If they walk, then they can gain the sympathies of the Americans and it will be easier to claim asylum. Also, they put the women and children in front of the caravans so they will be video taped and splashed all over the evening news. The left leaning news will eagerly omit the fact the women and children only make up about 10% of the folks on the march.

The reason for all of this? To break down the southern border. If these caravans containing thousands of people successfully breach the borders, you can kiss the sovereignty of this nation goodbye. The lefty socialists will have won a very decisive battle. This is what you need to realize; these caravans were organized by very sinister forces that hate the USA. The organizers had to pony up a lot of change to make this happen. There are some big money sources behind this, and there are a lot of folks working very hard right now to expose these guys. I’m sure when we learn who they are, we won’t be surprised by their identities.

But while the dark leftist forces are sparring with President Trump, the poor folks that were duped into joining these caravans are being forced to live in deplorable conditions, being subjected to disease and dangerous people. They have, so to speak, jumped from the frying pan into the fire. Also being badly abused is the entire City of Tijuana. In the quest to break down the borders of the USA, these organizers have subjected innocent people to immeasurable pain and suffering. The City of Tijuana is stretched beyond it’s ability to deal with this crisis.

In spite of all of this, President Trump, must not give in. This is the showdown at the OK Corral all over again. The American people, as generous and bighearted as we are, must stand firm. The sovereignty of our great nation is in peril. The people and/or groups that created this crisis must be exposed, and dealt with appropriately. The motives of the organizers are totally selfish, they don’t give a rip about the poor people they’re using as pawns. They’re considered expendable soldiers.

Keep your eyes wide open, don’t let the lefties convince you that we are bad people for not letting the migrants into our country. Their motives have nothing to do with being charitable. It’s all about power, and you don’t matter. 


Old Glory


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