Old time detective

I follow this stuff pretty darn closely. This crap has been going on since Donald Trump was elected. Millions of dollars, and countless hours have been poured into this investigation. A few Russian citizens have been indicted, ( huge waste of time ),George Papadopoulos, ( sentenced to 14 days in jail ) Paul Manafort, ( tax evasion ) Michael Cohen, ( tax evasion and other misc. junk crimes ) and Rick Gates ( immunity for squealing on his former partner ). Nothing of any substance has arisen involving Donald Trump. So, my conclusion is that Donald Trump is pretty much guilty of being Donald Trump, while President.

Donald Trump’s alleged affairs all took place long before he announced his plans to run for the office of President. Last time I checked it’s not a crime to have an affair. It’s not a crime to pay someone hush money. It is a crime for someone to demand hush money, it’s called blackmail or extortion. That seems like a very vague line to me. If the hush money is paid for from a candidates personal finances, it can’t be considered illegal either. So, there is no crime committed.

The main stream media and other left wing sources have been beating the drums of “collusion” as the reason for the investigation. There is no such crime. How can someone be charged with a non existent crime? That’s similar to charging someone for walking too fast. There is no speed limit for walking. They have also floated the crime of obstructing justice for firing James Comey. Rod Rosenstein ( acting attorney general )recommended to Donald Trump that Comey be fired for his handing of the Hillary Clinton probe. Then, Rod Rosenstein signs a FISA court request on Carter Page in order to spy on the Trump campaign, thus he becomes a witness, which makes this whole thing wrong, really wrong.

Probably one of the most important facts, is that in order to appoint an independent counsel, it requires that a federal law has been broken, and must be investigated. The law that has allegedly been broken, must be cited in the request for the special counsel, before an investigation can be launched. No violation of any law has ever been cited in the Mueller investigation. Therefore, it is in reality, and investigation in search of a crime. Mueller is basically on the hunt for anyone that he can squeeze to give up something, anything, that he can pin on Donald Trump. You could probably smell the stench of this whole mess from Moscow. The Russians must be laughing their asses off watching this “dog and pony show”.

In order to keep this investigation alive and moving forward, unknown individuals in the FBI and DOJ, are more than delighted to leak information to the main stream press, to fuel this illegally ignited fire. Make no mistake about it, this is a concerted effort on the part of the Democratic Party, the main stream press, and the deep state, to bring this presidency down, either through impeachment, or injuring him enough to make a second term unlikely. When all of these people are creating a blitz of false and misleading information regarding Donald Trump, 24/7/365 it will eventually take it’s toll. The American public will tire of hearing it, and simply want it to end. That my friend is exactly the plan.

This is the tragedy in this whole matter. The people that tire of hearing this nonsense and want it to end are going to be the true victims. If the Democrats are successful in regaining power in the congress, they will be able to stop the Presidents agenda and stifle the economic growth that he has ignited. No progress will ever be made on curtailing illegal immigration, the Democrats simply aren’t interested in doing that. They will block any future program the President attempts to implement. The Federal Government will once again grind to a halt. What a sad day for all of us, both Republicans and Democrats who are red blooded patriots, willing to put country before party.

Also, you can forget about replacing Ruth B. Ginsberg with a strict constitutionalist justice, the Democrats would block God himself as long as Donald Trump is president. If you’re a true patriot, and you’re terrified by the creep of socialism, I suggest you turn out in force and defeat the despicable left wing agenda to transform this nation into a third world cesspool.

Oh yeah, remember when you were a kid, grown ups told you that you could be anything you wanted to be, as long as you put your heart and mind into it? Donald Trump proved that to be true. However, if you ain’t got the right stripes, you ain’t gonna succeed. The establishment bastards will not allow you to play in their sand box. They are going run this country the way they want, whether you like it or not. If they want to flood it with uneducated immigrants that have nothing in common with traditional American values they will do it, even if it burns this country down in the process. If you object they will call you every name in the book and put the mark on you. By the way, it’s no accident that the middle class is disappearing, it’s a huge obstacle in the path of the total domination of the masses. Have a nice day!


Old Glory


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