Smoke and Mirrors.

Magic Act

One undeniable phenomenon has happened since Donald Trump became President. More and more of the protective covering in Washington D.C. is being stripped away, and the slimy characters are being exposed. Donald Trump himself is far from perfect, but his underlying desire to make the United States a better place is actually working. He is pulling back the curtain and showing everyone the unsavory side of government.

The bad actors in the FBI are running for cover like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. I think I’m going to get physically ill and throw up the next time I hear someone talk about what a “straight shooter” Bob Mueller is. He is nothing but a political hack of the highest order. He has surrounded himself with other political hacks that have a real animosity for the President. Bob Mueller, Jim Comey, James Clapper, John Brennan, Rod Rosenstein and a host of others, have been proven to be total liars and will say and do anything to achieve their agenda.

One of the things that frustrates me the most is how these crooks hide behind “redaction”. Anything that they don’t want exposed, they hang a national security tag on it, and black it out and hide their bad deeds. So, how many people have this power of “redaction”? Can anyone do it if they want to hide their dirty little secrets? You can call me crazy, but my guess is that the reason this practice continues, is that everybody finds it to be a useful tool to hide bad behavior. I think it’s bullshit and should be stopped now. I would agree to “redaction” only if a person would face grave danger if their name was known, or national security data collection methods were exposed. The more secrecy that exists, the more likely it is to spawn shadow government, which is exactly what we are currently dealing with.

Speaking of shadow government, John Kerry has been going behind the backs of the Trump administration meeting with the Iranians, in advance of Trump nixing the Obama/Kerry deal with Iran. That’s about as slimy as it gets. That ignoramus needs to spend time behind bars for that idiotic move. Don’t kid yourself, he is still working on the behalf of his former boss. You remember the other ignoramus ( Obama ) that sent 1.5 billion in cash to Tehran in unmarked aircraft. I’ll bet when Obama was a kid he bribed other kids to be his friends. That seemed to be the core of his foreign policy.

Does it seem strange to everyone else that back when Obama was floating the Iran deal, even the Democrats were totally against it. Chuck Schumer being one of the biggest opponents. Now that Trump has killed it, these same people are calling Trump a mad man. Is it any wonder that nobody takes these people seriously. Politicians don’t really have a moral anchor, they just move in the direction that happens to be popular at the moment. Only someone with the I.Q. of a banana would think it was a good deal.

It will be interesting to see how Gentleman Jeff Sessions handles this contempt of Congress charge. The DOJ continues to stonewall congress on the matter of handing over un-redacted documents related to the Mueller investigation and Mr. Sessions seems to be on another planet. The Congress has lost it’s patience and a showdown is looming in the next few days. I can’t wait to see how good ol’ boy Jeffy reacts.

Last but not least, good ol’ John McCain. Putting it mildly, I have never been a fan of McCain. I personally think this man has had brain issues for a very long time. He is another version of Obama. He always seemed to be on the wrong side of everything. He always catches a break because he was a POW. Being a POW has to be a horrific experience, and he has my sympathy, but c’mon, his record as a ranking Republican absolutely stinks.

There is a huge amount of stuff going on right now, and I am watching with great anticipation. These next few months will tell us unequivocally what Donald Trump is made of. I’m pretty sure I already know, he seems to have a pretty steady hand. Are we having fun yet?


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