Getting My Mojo Back.

Man in a Hole

This is kinda how I’m feeling. Ever since I came down with that gawd awful flu bug back in March I have been trying to escape the hole it put me in. My kidneys are still only functioning at about 30%, the Doc told me today he has no idea why. He say’s he thinks the flu triggered my immune system to attack my kidneys. So now I’m scheduled to do that really scary thing and let them sink nine inch needles into my back and take a biopsy from each of my kidneys. I’m totally thrilled to voluntarily allow someone to stab me in a couple of my vital organs. I’ll let you know how that goes.

I’m slowly regaining my strength, and the desire to write again. Some pretty crazy stuff going on right now that is very interesting to see. I never thought I would see Kim Jong Un and President Moon dancing together on the DMZ. I never thought I would see the Korean War officially over. My hope is that these negotiations are successful and the Korean Peninsula will finally be at peace. How great would that be? Maybe they could dismantle the air raid warning system in Hawaii since they never could figure out how it worked.

Jim Comey is still out there, and will be for some time to come, giving prosecutors lots of information on his excellent adventure to bring down a duly elected president. Andrew McCabe and dozens of other bad actors probably cringe every time good ol’ Jim does an interview, wondering what’s going to come out of his mouth next.

I recently watched crazy ol’ Joe Biden doing an interview with that little weasel Al Sharpton. I think it’s hilarious how ol’ uncle Joe puts on the black act. The only thing missing is the black make up and white gloves. How come nobody ever calls him out for doing that? Come to think of it, Obama used to do the same thing. Do you remember seeing him addressing all black audiences and putting on the jive talk? Why do blacks allow themselves to be mocked. Both phonies.

While we’re on the subject of phonies, I was delighted to see the public moralist Bill Cosby go down in flames this week. For years he’s been lecturing black folks how to behave, while himself engaging in serial rape. I have no hopes that the slimy old bastard will ever serve a day in the slammer. His money will continue to keep him free.

I see the Utah Republicans would not endorse Mitt Romney to run for Warren Hatch’s Senate seat, instead he will have to run in a primary race. I’m feeling better about the folks in Utah now. Mitt Romney is a loser, with the energy level of a grape. I want a real Republican not a Rino.

How about Kanye West? What a surprise his statements were. I always thought the guy was some kind of whacko. That took some balls to make those statements. I’m impressed. Too bad his buddy that backed him up turned into a pile of crap when the leftist mob attacked him. That was definitely a Judas move.

I’ve never been a huge fan of Tom Brokaw although I think he has done some very good work. I was always amused at the way he sort of danced around if the was standing while speaking. He has recently been accused of sexual misconduct by a female coworker. A letter of support for Tom has been written by a large number of prominent females that have worked with him over the years, saying they have never witnessed him acting in such a manner. I have written about this in the past, and the dangers of being able to accuse a man of sexual misconduct without any proof or witnesses. All it takes is a disgruntled female, that feels she was a held back, or fired from her job, and she blames a particular man for her misfortune. She seethes in anger for months maybe years, and finally she decides that sucker is going to pay for what he did to her. She makes the claim, the feminazis mobilize, and the guy and a lifetime career is destroyed. No courts, no juries, no lawyers. The guy is drawn and quartered, in the court of public opinion. It is a very dangerous precedent, and very powerful political weapon. It needs to be stopped. This basically amounts to a “kangaroo court”. Oh, before anyone gets their nose out of joint, I would feel the same way if it was a man accusing a woman with no proof or witnesses. It’s BS, pure and simple.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article. I take great interest in watching the all of the nonsense going on in the news and love commenting on it. It is however a little disturbing, to see the absolute hatred from the lefties toward America and it’s institutions. I will be discussing a book written by modern day revolutionaries in the near future, but first I must acquire it and read it myself, I have only recently heard about it’s existence. Stay strong, always seek the truth in all things. Most of all, avoid group think.




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