Unmitigated Hatred

angry man

I have been on this planet for over three quarters of a century, and I have never seen this nation so divided and generally pissed off. I wasn’t around before the Civil War but I think it might have been similar. It seems like people just love to hate each other for one reason or another. It doesn’t have to be political. It can be over anything, from weight, to choice of clothing. We are now embroiled in a controversy over gun rights. What’s odd, is not many people are talking about the crazy folks walking around in our midst, that could just as easily kill you with a hatchet or a hammer. Both of which are very easily concealed.

This unbridled hatred is abounding in all corners of our population, even among folks that otherwise seem pretty normal. Ivanka Trump was in Iowa a few days ago to attend an event with the Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. Before the event she visited a local hair salon called Salon Spa W in Des Moines East Village. The salon posted a picture of Ivanka and the Governor on line with the statement that they loved serving women in politics. All hell broke loose. The level of hate was unreal. Hundreds of “lefty” women responding that they would never step foot in the salon again. They said ugly vile things about the salon and it’s management. I will make you a wager. I would be willing to bet that the people saying all of the vile and ugly stuff weren’t even customers. Just one more example of the wonderful world of social media.

There is a scary aspect to this behavior. Are we now moving from tribal politics to territorial politics. In other words, if you’re a conservative, there are certain businesses and parts of the city, even whole cities that you are not allowed to visit? That is exactly what is happening in England. Two weeks ago, a conservative couple landed in London and were not allowed to deplane.  For no other reason than their political beliefs. Yet England is allowing one time ISIS fighters to return without question. People, this world is seriously out of balance.

I didn’t like George W. and liked Obama even less. However, I realized they were not going to be in office forever. If you don’t like the guy or gal in office be patient, work harder to get your person elected next time. There was a very good reason why Jesus said forgive your enemies. Hatred can be an incredibly destructive force in so many ways. If you let it, it will consume you and your soul. There is not one single uplifting factor in hate. If you are carrying a sign that says ” Stop The Hate”, and while doing so, you are destroying public and private property and causing bodily harm to others, you’re a liar, and a fake. Only hateful people do hateful deeds.

The world is transformed into a better place when people of different persuasions sit down and work out their differences in a civilized manner. This requires and open mind and a willingness to better understand the position of your adversary. Violence against a political opponent only solidifies the positions and creates more hatred, and solves nothing. This is why the peaceful transition of power when we elect a new president is priceless. It has been seriously tarnished in the last election by hate filled mongrels roaming the streets, and the halls of government to this very day.



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