Brainwashed by Bambi and Thumper


I grew up in the south around farms, and animals of all types. I was well aware that animals were slaughtered for food at a very young age. We raised chickens and my sister would go out and find a chicken for dinner and wring it’s neck, then put it in boiling water and pluck it’s feathers. My father and all of my uncles were hunters, I learned to hunt and carry a rifle with the big guys before I was ten years old. I had a Red Rider BB gun probably by six or seven years old. You would think with an upbringing like that I would have been a life long hunter. Nope, it didn’t happen. Annnd….I never had the desire to hurt anyone with a gun, not once.

This is what I think happened to me. My mother ( God Bless her soul ) took me to see the movie Bambi when I was probably about five to seven years old. I had never seen a full length animated film before. I was totally taken in. I immediately fell in love with all of the animal characters. Then the moment came, that I believe changed my brain forever. Bambi’s mother was killed by hunters about half way through the film. I can remember that moment like it was yesterday. I was plunged into deep sadness for Bambi, and hated hunters. I can remember the tears rolling down my face.

Being a very active little guy the sadness quickly passed and I never consciously went back to that moment in the movie. I didn’t have to it was forever embedded in my brain. After I was ten or twelve years of age I really didn’t have any desire to hunt or own a firearm. When I was around thirty years old, I worked with a guy that was an avid duck hunter. He talked my into buying a shotgun so I could join him and his friends hunting ducks. I still have that nice pump shotgun and the ammunition I bought 50 years ago. Used it for target practice a few times, never could imagine killing one of the coolest birds on the planet, a Mallard Duck. I own numerous guns, and have no issue with hunters. But today, after all of these years, as an old man, I realize that I was brainwashed by Bambi and Thumper. Best line in the movie, ” if you can’t say anything nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” ( I think that’s the way it went )

You didn’t think you were going to escape without a political message did you? Remember years ago when you first heard about kids getting sent home from school for ridiculous reasons, like pointing their fingers as if they were holding a gun, or taking a tiny plastic gun to school from their GI Joe set. Remember how shocking that was? That was just the beginning. The schools then developed what they called zero tolerance for anything remotely resembling a gun. Not long ago a kid was sent home for playing with a piece of food shaped like a gun.

Now we have moved into the accelerated phase. The lefties have jumped into this lock, stock and barrel. They are using the recent school shooting in Florida as a catalyst. A few years ago, nobody would have imagined the left would be so brazen as to organize a nationwide student walkout, using children too young to really realize what they were doing, and the gravity of it all. Last week in New Jersey, a school had the audacity to suspend students that went to the gun range with their families on the weekend. Fortunately that is being met with stiff resistance by gun owners.

Make no mistake about this my friends, the lefties are using the school system as the spearhead to indoctrinate our kids to become a gun free society. These kids are impressionable and can be easily molded. Just like the movie Bambi influenced my life, and I wasn’t even aware of it, that is what the left is doing to our children concerning guns. The schools are branding guns and gun owners as evil and they should all be eradicated forever at all costs. First the left systematically destroyed the American family so the government could take over the roll as parents. Now they are moving forward with the plans to make these kids dependent on the government, turning them into automatons. If you think this isn’t happening, you’re not paying attention.


P.S. Don’t you think it’s a bit strange how the lefties are so whacked out over Russia, when they would love nothing more than to see the USA be exactly like Russia. I think the real reason may be that Trump is standing in the way of implementing that plan. Just sayin’.



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