DECEMBER 20, 2022



From the moment I was old enough to create things to this very moment, some 78 years later, I have never stopped. I figure I started creating stuff at around 3 years old. One of my favorite materials for my creations were empty oatmeal containers, the round cardboard type, along with and assortment of other cardboard containers. By the age of five or six, I was running string all over the house, attaching little cardboard gondolas with bent straight pins that would slide down the strings into another room. This craziness went on to building flying model airplanes and model cars and customizing my bicycles.

This is what is driving me to write this article. We are created in the image of God. God is the creator of all things. Being created in his image, we have the natural born instinct to create stuff. It doesn’t have to be art, or machinery. It can be most anything. In my opinion, true happiness lies in exercising this God given gift.

As kids we create stuff constantly. Everything from snow forts to indoor tents, with friends or siblings, pretending it’s where we live. We even go so far as to furnish our indoor tent with makeshift furniture from pillows and etc. All of this is important for our mental growth.

Setting aside material things, the most important thing in the world to create is a family. Creating a family is the single most important thing you can do for your personal growth as a human being. Being the caretakers of a home, children, and all that goes with it, does not allow you to dwell on yourself. You are living your life in the service of others. There is no greater reward. As a homemaker, if you begin to dwell on yourself, you’re failing in your mission. Only misery will follow.

However, you need to understand yourself. Some people have a much greater capacity for this type of life than others. You often see people that manage a family and are able to devote time to community services, and/or their church. If you are feeling overwhelmed, back off, your family will be better for it. You only fail, if you abandon your responsibilities altogether.

When I see youngsters totally into themselves, It’s a clear signal to me, that they were not taught how to achieve true happiness. This is exactly why church is so important for young minds. Most any religion you can name, teaches humility, and service to others. It’s the way of Christ, and the way to lasting happiness.

If you’re an older person, don’t allow yourself to fall into depression as your life is winding down. Meet new people, join a club that has classes on how to create things. There are several places in my area that the guys can work in a wood shop. Once again, you are creating friendships and learning new things.

God gave all of us special talents, sometimes you have to dig deep and find them. Find them and be creative, and happy. Satan has use for all idle hands, that’s what Mom told me. Never knew the woman to give me bad advice.

God bless you all. Honor the Savior’s birthday next Sunday.


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