DECEMBER 14, 2022



Very soon, we will be looking at the second anniversary of the Biden presidency. His administration has arguably done more damage to this country than any in my lifetime. Even Jimmy Carter wasn’t this bad. Newsmax, Fox News and a few other right-wing outlets have benefitted greatly. This group now in power, is a bottomless well of nonsensical crap. Tucker Carlson mentioned this a few days ago, saying it’s almost impossible to keep up with the never-ending news events. I might add, none of it good.

This is an almost daily conversation at the kitchen table. My wife and I both agree, we are getting tired of the endless complaining, and no one seems to have a plan on how to end the madness. The southern border has been wide open since Biden took office, about a million feet of video has been shot of endless lines of intruders. Probably 100 million words have been spoken by all of the right-wing pundits and politicians, and yet none of the geniuses can formulate a plan on how to stop it. I know how to stop it. United States Army, with orders to shoot if orders to stop are not obeyed. Do not let the intruders cross the river. Simple. Drive the Cartels out of the country with military force. The problem would be over within 30 days.

This whole scenario is looking more and more like the fall of Rome every day. The government is in denial, celebrating useless laws and decisions, while the barbarians are overrunning the borders. The left has infiltrated every nook and cranny of the government, and staunchly defend the ideology that will spell the eventual demise of this great Republic. They are nothing more than mindless idiots.


Shouldn’t we have some sort of Constitutional escape clause in case things get out of hand, like now? It could never be enacted by the lawmakers themselves; it would have to be enacted by the people. Revolutions are extremely difficult, because the government controls the military, and will use it to protect themselves. You could never trust judges; they are the most untrustworthy individuals on the planet.

I think we are very close to the point Thomas Jefferson was referring to in the article you just read in the link above. In my opinion, this government has strayed so far away from the sacred documents created by our Founding Fathers, it’s time for a reset. The great reset should not be about joining the global power brokers, it should be about getting back to the basics of what made our Republic great. The term “Make America Great Again” was never more relevant.


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