DECEMBER 7, 2022



I literally don’t believe a single thing I read in the news nowadays. Everything I read generates a n automatic conspiracy theory in my brain. For example, over the weekend two electrical sub stations were vandalized and caused extensive power outages. They reported the damage was done by high powered rifles, and the perps seemed to know exactly what to target. They also reported that several spent casings were collected at the site. Put all of those facts in your brain.

Next set of facts; They surmised that the act was done by an extremist group. The investigators claim to have visited social media sights of extremist groups that encourage such behavior, even giving information on how to carry out such an attack.

The next brainstorm by these geniuses is that the sabotage may have been done to shut down a downtown Divas Drag Show in the city of Southern Pines on Saturday night.

OK, are you getting the picture? White extremists, sabotaging a power station in an effort to shut down a queer event.

Think about all the ground this covers. Guns bad, white people bad, white people hate queers. The queers were the victims, not the tens of thousands of regular folks that lost power and had their lives drastically impacted.

In the same article it claims other sub stations across the country have been attacked in the same manner, including one in California. No suspects have ever been identified. But yet they are sure white extremists are behind these attacks. Strangely, this is the first time I remember seeing anything like this on the news before.

Immediately, I’m thinking this was done by the government to put guns and white folks in a bad light, painting them as extremists and hate filled bigots. Somehow, they failed to implicate Donald Trump. How convenient could this be? These substations are often located in remote areas that make them easy targets for saboteurs and vandals.

Electrical sub stations are vital components of the electrical grid. So, they put one of these installations in a remote area unprotected other than high fences and razor wire and don’t even bother installing high resolution cameras in hidden locations? Wouldn’t you think someone with enough intelligence to build a substation would have figured that out?

As much money as they waste on other nonsense, destruction of a substation would be a lot of “bang for the buck” in political capital. Sorry, I don’t believe any of this crap. Show me the shooter or shooters. Oh yeah, the investigators said that the high heat generated by the powder exploding in the casing, burns off any fingerprints that may have been on them. How convenient. And why would saboteurs be so careless as to leave the spent cartridges behind? Maybe it was the FBI, and they used the guns confiscated in the “Fast and Furious” gun running scheme by Obama.



  1. My first thought was the anti-energy activists like the ones destroying works of art for no reason. Why do they continually blame white homophobes? This story also makes me sick. But that’s our FBI these days. They couldn’t find a suspect if it was standing right in front of them. Thus, why they have no clues in the Idaho coed murders. They are too woke to consider “the usual suspects” anymore.


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