NOVEMBER 27, 2022



The wheels keep falling off faster than they can be put back on.

Why are these people allowed to have a pulpit where they can spew garbage all over decent God loving people? If the church doesn’t excommunicate this moron, they are as bad as he is.

Rampant crime in big cities makes it unsafe to simply drive your car. Car jackings are at an all-time high in all major Democrat run cities. While digging for crime rates, I ran across a very interesting website. I have no idea if it is weighted politically, but it has some interesting information that may surprise you.


I think the biggest shock to me is how the public schools have morphed into a defender of pedophilia. Who would have imagined this twenty years ago? The schools have always been on the alert for any unsavory characters lurking about the school property. The public schools have always taught students how to recognize predators. Now the predators are sitting in the classroom disguised as a teacher, teaching underage kids about oral and anal sex. In several cases the teachers openly talk about their own sexuality, which is almost, if not always, an alternative to heterosexual lifestyle. Call it what you want, it’s nothing more than “grooming”. Why aren’t these people fired and/or arrested? By the way, this ain’t nothin’ new. I was in high school over 60 years ago, and the assistant gym teacher was gay and everyone knew it. When my daughter was in high school, her gym teacher was lesbian, it was totally obvious. These people work hard for these positions so they can be in the presence of naked kids in locker rooms. If you don’t believe that, you’re still waiting to see the appearance of the ‘Great Pumpkin”.

How deep does kiddy porn run in our society? In recent years, numerous people in high paying positions have been fired when kiddy porn was discovered on their computers or large collections of photos and/or videos were found in their possession. Now a prominent retailer has openly produced an ad campaign with disturbing images. Balenciaga blamed the ad company, saying they had no idea. Really? Companies gear their ad campaigns according to what is trending. So, is child porn “trending”? It certainly seems to be.

Apparently, a lot of “higher ups” were hanging with Jefferie Epstein. During his first trial, it was pretty much a whitewash. Then when the pressure mounted, they had to get rid of old Jefferie before he started ‘singing’. You know the old pirate mantra, ” dead men tell no tales”. So now Ms. Maxwell is in the slammer and still alive, there are probably some very nervous folks sitting in their gated mansions and government offices. The assassination of Epstein also sent a strong message to Ms. Maxwell to keep her mouth shut, else she suffers the fame fate.

The bottom line here, is that a lot of people that held the public trust, were engaging in sex with underage girls on a remote island, away from prying eyes. Have you ever wondered why news reporters didn’t show any interest in what was going on? It wasn’t exactly a secret. Could it be some of the big network executives were involved? I think if we really knew how vast Epstein’s network was, we would be shocked to our core.

After consideration of what I have written above I pose this question. Has society deteriorated to the point that we can no longer allow our children to be exposed to government institutions such as public schools? The public schools seem to more interested in transforming our children sexually than preparing them to be productive citizens. How in the hell did we arrive at this point?


Fauci said in an interview a couple of days ago that “he has a completely open mind” about the origins of covid, but that evidence strongly suggests it was not leaked from a lab. Yep, that’s a CYA statement if I ever heard one. He is in this up to his eyeballs, and this whole vaccine debacle has made him a very wealthy man. He’s benefitted from the vaccines more than anyone. Why do think the Democrats run for cover when the subject come up. They are also in this up to their eyeballs. I would suggest everyone just move on, you will never know what really happened, pretty much like a dog chasing its tail. It’s in the same vault as Epstein’s client list.


I’ve wanted to write about Mr. Musk for a while now, so I will be busy doing some in depth research on the man. Look for an article soon. In the meantime, stay safe, stay alert, be aware of the liars. They are all around you.


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