AUGUST 1, 2022


Assessing the state of the union, I think we can all safely say, the love of money has almost completely destroyed the United States of America. It actually may have already destroyed it, and the collapse is just late arriving. The rich and powerful are like habitual gamblers, always chasing the next big win. Most habitual gamblers eventually lose it all. The rich and powerful U.S. corporations are about to lose it all and take the rest of us down with them.

The huge corporations, and the U.S. government put it all on the line with China, and China is now holding all the aces. Something went seriously wrong in the post Reagan years. Reagan was clearly a “nationalist”, as were most of his predecessors.

In my opinion, things started going south with George H. W. Bush. He talked about a “kinder, gentler world, and talked about the “new world order” repeatedly. Although never really explaining what the “new world order” was. Large corporations started moving operations to Japan and Taiwan years before, but most of the products were everyday “widgets” and gadgets, which really posed no national security issues. Also, I would offer that Japan, Taiwan, and Korea, weren’t holding any aspirations of world dominance.

Bill Clinton was the one that kicked down the barriers that allowed China to enter into the world markets. Clinton pushed Congress to approve the U.S. – China trade agreement, and China’s accession to the WTO. This proved to be a one-way trade agreement in favor of China.

China has been a Communist governed nation since 1949 and has positioned itself as an enemy of the United States since that time. Considering those facts, common sense would dictate that trade with China should be metered very carefully to maintain the balance of power.

China was a very poor undeveloped nation until such time it was allowed into the WTO. So, all of the major corporations saw the opportunity to make billions of dollars very quickly taking advantage of super cheap labor. Naturally China welcomed the U.S. and other Western nations into their country to set up factories. The obvious reason was to steal the technology which China didn’t possess.

So, you may ask, why wasn’t the U.S. government watching this more closely? Think about what you saw last month when Nancy Pelosi’s husband made millions of dollars in a stock deal he heard about from Nancy. These people were getting rich while they were giving away the farm. It may have seemed inconsequential at the time, but twenty years later, it’s a very big deal.

Since the days of Bill Clinton, the Chinese have developed ICBMs with guidance systems literally handed to them by the U.S. Government. Bill Clinton was the best friend China could have wished for in developing missile technology for their military.

Here’s where we are today;

  1. China is second largest pharma producer.
  2. China is set to take possession of Taiwan, which has the largest microchip forge in the world. Virtually everything from your computer to your automobile depends on microchips to operate. If China decides to stop exporting them, virtually everything comes to a standstill.
  3. China has been building a nuclear missile arsenal for years, and experts surmise they have surpassed the U.S.
  4. China is very close to having the world’s largest Navy. Whoever controls the shipping lanes, controls the world.
  5. The halfwits in the United States have allowed some of our most critical products to be manufactured by our archrivals, while shutting down manufacturing at home.

The list is much too long to enumerate in one blog. This is the bottom line. The United States rose to number one in the world due to strong, and intelligent leadership, along with brave hardworking everyday folk. For 250 years, Americans have stood strong in the world, and took down some of the most evil empires in history. We stood for peace and freedom. It has only taken the left a little over thirty years to throw it all away. But the right side has dirty hands as well. They were also on the take when China was buying its way into our home. China was smart, they could see the greed, and smell the rot. They knew in the end, they wouldn’t need Armies and Navies, America was for sale, and it looks like they signed a 40 year mortgage with Washington. The lead real estate agent was Bill Clinton.

In closing, the left is up to something, when they sent “nutty Nancy” on an Asian tour. If she actually does visit Taiwan, it could trigger a very serious crisis. In the world of diplomacy, this seems to be a real boneheaded stunt. The White House and the Pentagon have been gutting our military since Biden has been in power. In the face of China’s military might, anything that would provoke military action is utter insanity. If we are serious about challenging China we need to get our house in order, quickly. I’m not sure we have anyone that understands how to do that anymore.

Ladies and gentlemen, the next few days are going to be interesting. But there is one comforting thought, we have Kamala Harris in the bull pen.



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