MAY 13, 2022



We are now into the reign of the “Pedo Man” and the “Adults” about two and a half years and just about everything has gotten way worse. Biden is sorta like Midas in a way, but instead of everything he touches turning to gold, it turns to shit. Maybe he should be called “Dungas”.

How about the Medical services? Are your medical services getting better? Mine aren’t. I recently had to take my wife to the local hospital emergency room, and it was literally like walking into a third world hospital. I have never been in such a dismal place. American health care has always been the best in the world, period! I think those days are gone.

What the hell is going on with medicines. Why is the federal government all at once in control of who gets what medicine? Why weren’t therapeutic medicines available in large quantities to treat Covid? I have never seen a deadly disease that medical science didn’t rush to create and distribute numerous methods of treatments. Why all at once did choices of treatment become political? I’ve never known medicine to be political. The government pushed vaccines that didn’t prevent you from getting Covid, or spreading it, but they virtually threatened you with capital punishment if you didn’t comply. The halfwits nearly killed the economy and screwed up a whole generation of kids who weren’t even vulnerable. If all of the above wasn’t bad enough, what about the thousands of senior citizens in nursing homes that were literally murdered by incompetence?

Are you getting the same level of service where you shop and dine? I’m not. Supermarket shelves are missing a lot of popular products, but at least the aisles are not one way anymore, and you don’t have to wear face coverings. I’m curious, how many lives were saved by one-way aisles? What’s the difference in a group of people all facing the same direction as opposed to people facing different directions? What imbecile or group of imbeciles came up with that example of stupidity? Restaurants are poorly staffed, and the food is lousy. Portions are smaller and waits are longer. Went to a mexican place a few weeks ago and the chicken in the enchilada was like rubber. The Sheri’s in our little town looks like it’s abandoned from the outside. Plants and shrubs need to be trimmed and the parking lot hasn’t been cleaned in months.

Probably 20-30% of our downtown area stores are gone. The sidewalks are littered with trash and feral people. They didn’t even bother putting up Christmas decorations this past Christmas. Went to a job site meeting in downtown Portland recently, there is not enough words to describe the anger and disgust I felt. A once beautiful American city is a virtual hell hole. Now, Portland is not only weird, it’s just plain scary.

America, once the land of prosperity is now quickly moving toward the land of poverty. Biden and the Democrats with the help of the Rino’s, are running the economy into the ditch, and one thing is sure, there is a very deep recession in the near future. A shortage of baby formula will be the least of our worries. If you are going to survive a recession, you need to have some survival skills of the economic kind. I’m wondering what the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens that crossed the southern border during Biden’s time are going to do? They have no job skills, they have no language skills. The only thing they can do is suck up welfare money. One more major drain on a struggling economy.

Are you happy with the pay cut your getting? Everything you buy now just to live is at least 20-30% higher. You’re paying more and getting less. I’m not happy about any of this.

Every large commercial aircraft comes with a very sizable operation manual. That manual is critical to the operation of the aircraft, and readily available to the pilot and co-pilot during the flight in case anything goes wrong. Not following the manual could end very badly. Running a large nation may not have a written manual, but over the course of time, people have learned what works and what doesn’t. The current group of halfwits in Washington have decided to throw all of that learned knowledge out the cockpit window and fly the nation into the ground. Same results, massive wreckage and dead bodies. My famous last words from a couple of years ago; ” one man couldn’t do that much damage in four years”. Boy, was I wrong?

I’ve never put much stock in political slogans, I mean, you have to consider where they come from. They are dreamed up by professional bullshitters. When I heard Biden’s slogan of “Build Back Better” I admit I was amused, to say the least, considering the history of his failures and plagiarism. But Biden was nothing but a trojan horse, a vessel for a whole army of crazy left wing ideologs to sweep in and take over the government. Biden just wanders around saying stupid shit, while the far-left crazies write his script, and operate behind the curtain. They use Joe Biden’s best asset, his ability to look you straight in the eye and lie to you. The United States, for the first time in its history, does not have a functioning President. The executive branch is a committee made up of inept political hacks. Considering the state of the world, a highly dangerous situation.

Have you ever considered how utterly stupid it is, to demand that the people who caused a major problem, correct it, and make everything good again? They don’t know how to make it good again. They are incapable of doing that. You need someone like Donald Trump to step in and fix things. But people that fix stuff are tough talking and aggressive, I’m not sure if Americans are able to handle that anymore. Most older folks like myself understand how that works, we were raised by tough talking Dads and stern Mothers. We worked for bosses that demanded performance. They made us better.

America is broken, seriously broken. It is going to take a huge, concerted effort to undo the damage done by leftist morons. Be honest in your assessments, the cracks run deep. Make no mistake, this didn’t happen by accident. The left has been on a mission to destroy the USA for many years, and they are closer than ever. Their dream is to replace our Republic with a Marxist State. Their biggest obstacle is the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Over the past two years, we have seen with our own eyes how fragile these documents can be. They are only as strong as the American peoples resolve to preserve them.

God bless you and your families. Never give up the fight to preserve our freedoms and way of life. God Bless America.


2 thoughts on “THE VIEW FROM ST. CHARLES

  1. Well said. We are in for a battle to save America. I just don’t know how all this ends. My Dem friends and family are complaining about the costs of everything yet I don’t hear Biden getting the blame. It sickens me. The left has really pulled the wool over their eyes. They are even trying to rewrite history by saying Trump’s economy never was booming and that Biden was handed over a mess. Mess at the border, covid mess, violence mess, and now economy mess. The blame Trump game never ends but it’s all lies.

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  2. It’s the same game, played over and over. It’s getting old and tiring. How can a government, or anything for that matter continue to exist on falsehoods? We are mere observers, and quite honestly, it’s getting extremely boring.

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