DECEMBER 27, 2021


You probably noticed I updated the signature photograph for my series. No particular reason, other than I get bored looking at the same stuff for long periods of time. Which leads me into the next statement, I’m getting really bored with the current Presidential administration and their lack of ability to get anything done that benefits the American people. I don’t often find a reason to use the word “stagnated”, but this seems like a really good time. It’s a perfect description for this group. Biden’s poll numbers have now dropped to 34%, so I’m hardly alone in my opinion.

Biden’s first year in office has been an unmitigated disaster, but we still have three years to go. I’m not sure America can survive three more years of this craziness. He refuses to reverse the open border policy, and the Democrats are quickly losing the Hispanic support because of this stance. It appears to be working in exactly the opposite way the Democrats imagined. Our cities and states are being overran with illegal aliens from all over the world. Schools are no longer being faced with two or three languages to manage, but more like five or six, at least. Biden’s foreign policy is a joke. After the insane withdrawal from Afghanistan, none of our allies trust his decisions. In my opinion, his approach to Iran is going to lead to Israel attacking Iran in a self-defense move, which is going to set off a virtual firestorm. In a “nutshell”, this man and his staff, are extremely dangerous.

During his campaign, Biden criticized Donald Trump for his management of the Covid-19 response, saying he would be able to do it much better, going as far to say, He and his administration would bring it under control quickly. More people have died from Covid during his time in office, than Trump’s. Another check mark in the failure column. After months of lockdowns, mask mandates, and attempted vaccine mandates, during his online conference with nation’s governors, he finally admitted, “there is no federal solution”. After that admission, I would think the next step, would be to fire Fauci. By the way, Fauci doesn’t think it would be a good idea to have a New Year’s Eve party. I’m sure all of you are going to cancel all of your plans based on Fauci says.

A BIT CONFUSED: Rogel Aguilera-Mederos, the trucker that rammed into multiple cars and killed four people in Colorado, was sentenced to 110 years. Apparently, the sentence was based on the fact that after the brakes failed on the truck, he passed three escape ramps, which if taken, would have prevented the massive accident. The sentence has drawn outrage from around the US. About five million people signed petitions to reduce the sentence. What is confusing me, is there are major amounts of criminals around the US, getting away with murder every day. The body count far exceeds four. Criminals are looting, burglarizing homes and cars, beating people to death in broad daylight on our city streets, and walking free. Attacking police officers, actually killing many of them. Where the hell are the petitions with millions of signatures to stop this bullshit? A bit out of balance I would say. People are outraged about one truck driver’s sentence, but don’t give a damn about all of the other violence plaguing our cities and towns? I don’t get it.

XAVIER BECERRA: Biden’s Secretary of Health and Human Services, has gone missing. No one seems to know where he is, or what he is doing. Maybe that’s why Joe says there is no federal solution for Covid. They aren’t capable of putting together any sort of plan. That’s a pretty good clue as to why they ran out of Covid testing kits. Becerra has no background in these matters, he was an attorney before being appointed to this position. My wife always says,” don’t hire a plumber to lay your carpet”.

FINALLY: Quite frankly, I wasn’t holding out much hope for any type of resistance to the transgender athlete nonsense. The “Alphabet Mafia” so far, has been very successful in making everyone cower in their corners. The tide is turning. A USA swimming official, Cynthia Millen, has resigned in protest of the University of Pennsylvania transgender swimmer, Lia Thomas that is destroying standing female swimming records. Ms. Millen is gaining support from other officials as well as past Olympic athletes and championship women swimmers. I’m pretty sure, we are seeing the beginning of the end of the transgender nonsense, where biological males are decimating women’s sports.

WHY I DON’T FLY DEPT: Ex-Playboy model and Baywatch actress went off the rails on a Delta Airlines flight and attacked an eighty-year-old man. Patricia Cornwall says she suffers from anxiety and may not have taken her medicine before the flight. Florida arrest records show Cornwall was arrested last month on a DUI and released on $1,000.00 bail. She asked for a public defender indicating she has no source of income. She was released for this latest run in with the law on $20,000.00 bond. Ironically, she made a Playboy appearance in 1996, titled “Women Behaving Badly”. According to witnesses and airline attendants, this whole thing started because she was behaving badly. I think Patty needs to go to a dark room and take her meds.

In spite of the never ending chaos we seem to experience on a daily basis, it’s still a good life, and the USA is still a great place to live. Just vote for the people you know will fix it. Stay safe, stay alert, stay alive. God bless all of you and your families.



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