When our founding Fathers wrote the Declaration of Independence, then the Constitution, followed up with the Bill of Rights, they were declaring the United States of America a sovereign nation. When you declare yourself a sovereignty, you have to establish the area that belongs to you, which you rule over. Everything within those borders, are under your jurisdiction.

When the founding Fathers wrote the Constitution, and other founding documents, they had a clear vision of the kind of nation they wanted to create. The preferred language was English, and the preferred cultural influences were European. You were free to worship as you chose, but the dominant religion was Christianity. Exactly what you would expect, of a nation founded by European migrants.

Over the next two hundred years, people immigrated to the United States from all over the world. They came here to be free to follow their dreams. They were willing to give up their own cultures and customs and become Americans. That is what made America great from the very start, E Pluribus Unum, out of many one. My ancestry is English, Northwest European, Germanic Europe, Ireland, Norway, Scotland, Sweden and Denmark. My family has been here since 1700. Certainly, I’m proud to have that ancestry, but I am more proud to be American. I love my country, and pledge my allegiance to the Flag, and the United States of America.

Borders, language, culture, those are the flesh, blood and bones of any sovereign nation. Nations create borders, and enforce their borders to protect them from being overran by invaders, with the intention of taking them over to impose a different culture and government. They are protecting their safety, wealth and identity. No different than you putting a fence around your property and locks on your doors.

Limiting the number of immigrants and nationality of the immigrants is very important to preserve the culture of the host nation. California is a perfect example. For years, there has been virtually unlimited immigration of Hispanics from Mexico, Central and South America. The state has slowly undergone a major transformation. Over 50% of households are non English speaking. California culture is vastly different than when I moved there 58 years ago. The same exact thing happened to Miami, Florida with the mass influx of Cubans and Puerto Ricans. Without question, too many immigrants from one geographical area is not a good idea.

Some of the most obvious problems, is that these hordes of people are poorly educated. Most lived in extreme poverty in their homelands, and know little or nothing about living in an ultra modern, fast paced country, such as the United States. A very high percentage don’t speak English, and have no skills with which to earn a living. The jobs they get, will be low payed laborers, or servants. They are extremely vulnerable to exploitation by low life, back alley criminals. Many get involved in crime themselves out of desperation.

Strangely, although these immigrants are poorly educated, they know how the game the system the minute they walk across the border. How do they know these things? How would a native Honduran, know how to go about getting free health care and welfare in the US? Or any of the thousands of other perks available to them, especially when they don’t speak English. Do you think these huge caravans of people just accidentally happened? The Democrats recruited these people, they organized the caravans. The Democrats are 100% responsible for for what you see at the southern borders. The Democrats want to change the demographics of this nation, so they never lose another election. They want the populous to be needy, obedient, and controllable. Normal everyday Americans see this as a humanitarian crisis. The Democrats see it as a plan that is working.

Most people are aware that the Feds are putting the migrants on buses and airplanes, and transporting them who knows where. Have you ever wondered what happens to these folks when they reach their final destination? Do you think they are just going to dump them, after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars putting them up in temporary housing, feeding them, then the transportation costs to take them to your cities and towns? You can bet your sweet ass, they prepared homes for them, and give them living assistance until they can survive on their own. The Feds are handing out green cards as fast as they can print ’em. Just a side note here; Are you aware the Feds have been buying up motels and hotels around the nation and turning them into temporary homes for the migrants? That’s a well documented fact, been going on ever since Biden has been in office. In reality, it’s a pretty simple plan by the Dems. These folks will be forever grateful for being rescued from abject poverty and given free and easy residence in the USA, and will vote Democrat for the remainder of their lives. Oh yeah, don’t forget the “chain migration” thing. As sleepy Joe said, “it will be a steady, never ending, and unrelenting flow” of black and brown immigrants. Oh, by the way, you don’t think the Dems are just going to sit around and wait for these folks to become naturalized citizens on their own do you? Hell no, they need those voters now, that’s why they will be pushing for amnesty for all of these immigrants before the end of Joe’s first and only term. I would bet my last dollar, the amnesty thing is buried deep in this huge, so called, infrastructure bill they are trying to pass.

If you look back at years past, you can see the trajectory of the Democrat party. It was pretty obvious what their plans were. So what the hell were the Republicans doing? Obvious answer; as usual, little or nothing. It was blatantly obvious, during the years the Republicans controlled the House and Senate, that big tech was getting completely out of control. They chose to do nothing, as they spent the millions of dollars in donations big tech was handing out. All the while, social media increasingly censored conservative speech. This whole circus is maddening to watch.

We have a perfect storm brewing to bring this nation to it’s knees.

  1. Sinking economy.
  2. Rising unemployment.
  3. Shortages of goods and services.
  4. Ongoing Covid restrictions on business and private lives.
  5. Over crowded hospitals and ER facilities due to huge influx of aliens.
  6. Overcrowded schools due to huge influx of aliens.
  7. Mass crime increases due to large influx of aliens and downsizing of police forces.
  8. Overall quality of life will begin to diminish as jobs decrease and crime increases.
  9. The federal government will smother the population with needless regulations and laws.
  10. As state and federal governments struggle financially, services such as street and bridge repair, street cleaning and trash pickup will be cut back. Cities and states will become dirtier and more dangerous. If you can’t imagine this, ask someone that lives in California.
  11. Runaway inflation, already underway.
  12. This once glorious and wealthy nation is going to be reduced to third world status.

I don’t enjoy writing with such negativity, but you need to be aware of what the Democrats are doing to our great nation. It doesn’t have to be this way, we are experiencing an attempt to dismantle our present form of government and replace it with socialism. Sadly, the Dems are very close to succeeding. What actually happens remains to be seen. Will the American people rise up in resistance, or simply roll over and accept it. I personally think the latter will happen.

Pay attention, learn as much as possible about ways to fight back. I can’t tell you how to do it, I am doing what I can by writing about what I see happening, and waving the red flags. You can bet I will be doing anything I can to resist this push for socialism. God Bless the USA, and each of you, and your families.



  1. The Republicans tried to be liked rather than be tough. We should have brought the National Guard into the cities that were rioting despite what the media would say. We should have fired Chris Wray and Fauci despite what the media would say. We worry too much about being liked by the media and the left. Trouble is, no matter what the GOP does, the left will dislike it. Now look where we’re at. The head of Homeland Security blaming Trump for a dismantled system.

    Good review. Keep it up.


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