Transforming the United States into a Marxist/communist country is hardly a new idea. We have had Marxists in our midst for many years. Fortunately, the patriots have been strong enough in both character and numbers to keep them at bay. When I was a youngster in the 1950’s, there was a TV series called ” I led three lives.” It was a story about an FBI undercover agent named Herbert J, Philbrick, that infiltrated the communist party here in the US, and reported on their anti American activities. This was back in the day, when American patriotism was strong, and TV had not been taken over by leftists. This TV series raised awareness that we had enemies that walked among us everyday. Those enemies have slowly morphed into the Democrat Party, and now the FBI and DOJ, are sadly part of the deep state.

First thing you have to understand is that this is a huge country, an armed revolution is not going to work. This is a transformation that has to happen gradually with very little bloodshed. An all out revolution would destroy this country, and it may never recover. If it did recover, it certainly would lose it’s position as a world power. This has to be a mostly peaceful transition that takes place over many years.

We have some very experienced and skilled people at accomplishing this type of thing. Those people are Central Intelligence Operatives, that have successfully done this in smaller foreign countries. They are experts in psychological warfare. Whether you realize it or not, we are currently involved in a psychological battle. Your language, your thoughts about others, your thoughts about race, and government. All of your mental “norms” are being challenged. They are telling you things that you know are wrong, but if you deny what they are telling you, you’re a raciest, or any number of other derogatory terms, to belittle you, and make you feel bad about yourself. But they aren’t just stopping there, they will make sure you lose your job, and your ability to interact in your chosen career. Conform, or they will ruin your life. They are attempting to brainwash an entire nation. They are making astonishing progress.

A very important thing to remember, in every Marxist / Communist take over, those people that they were unable to successfully brainwash, and indoctrinate, were simply murdered. The numbers are in the tens of millions. Read the story of “Cannibal Island”.

THE STARTING POINT: Slowly, to not raise public scrutiny, you have to transform public schools and universities into indoctrination camps. The goal is to make sure this is happening in virtually every school district across the country. This is accomplished through a slow and steady transition to left leaning school boards. Next is placing left leaning young college graduates in teaching positions, fully dedicated to the Teachers Union agenda. The left leaning school boards, in conjunction with the teachers unions will successfully dictate the curriculum.

HARVEST TIME: It will take about twenty years before the the crop is ready to harvest. Harvest time was the summer of 2020. The left was terrified that Donald Trump was going to ruin their years of hard work and indoctrination. He had to go, and it didn’t matter how, even if it meant the bold rigging of a national election. The fact that they were able to pull that off, is proof of how determined they are, and how far their plan has progressed. However, from the very beginning, the Democrats mounted a full court press to render Trump’s presidency impotent, talking openly about impeachment only minutes after his inauguration.

THE NUCLEAR OPTION: ( The following is opinion mixed with facts ) In order to have an insurance policy against the failure of the plan, you have to have something really big as your “ace in the hole”. What could possibly be better than a world wide pandemic. It’s an established fact that Anthony Fauci and the NIH, have been funding gain of function research in the Wuhan Virology Lab for a few years now. Within the past few days, we now that Google was participating as well. Gain of function research is not legal in the US, it’s deemed too dangerous. We now have irrefutable evidence of just how dangerous.

It’s a widely held opinion among many scientists that Covid-19 is a horse shoe bat virus that has been engineered to become highly transmissible to humans. When looking at this through clear eyes, there are two entities that would have benefitted greatly from a world wide pandemic. China, and the Democrat party. Was there a collusion between them to unleash this virus on the world? We will likely never know the answer to that question. People that operate at that level of evilness, make sure there are substantial fire walls to forever conceal their identities.

China’s plan for world dominance was being greatly threatened by Donald Trump, and his wave of populism that was spreading around the world, along with his demands for fair trade. The Democrat plan to transform the United States into a socialist authoritarian regime was also being threatened by Trump. China knew a world wide pandemic would send the world economy into a downward spiral, and it would benefit greatly, after all, they manufacture most all PPE for medical use. The Democrats knew a pandemic would allow them to curtail “in person voting” and open the door for mass voter fraud, and retake the controls of the Federal Government. This would be a perfect time to scare the living hell out the citizens, make them think if they gathered in large meetings, it could mean certain death. Now you have successfully stopped opposition political rallies and meetings, where people could discuss current events, and possibly mount some sort of opposition to the draconian lockdowns. Perfect plan, keeping everyone isolated from each other.

CLOSING THE LOOP: In order to fully implement your plan, you have to have allies in the media, federal law enforcement, federal judges, and above all in the United States military. If the plan starts to unravel, and an armed insurrection occurs, the last thing you want is for the military to side with the people. To make sure that doesn’t happen, mass indoctrination of the troops as well as the Generals must take place. Installing a “woke” Secretary of Defense would be of major importance, and urgency. That has been done, and they are weeding out any troopers and commanders that are suspected conservatives that may be Trump supporters. Thinking ahead, you need to identify those that you think may revolt. That would be white conservatives. In order to stave off that possibility, you must convince the rest of the population that white people are evil and raciest, and they want to control and dominate you. Especially if you happen to be black. By doing that, you bolster your forces on the street. You also turn a large segment of the population into terrorists. Have you noticed how many young blacks are totally out of control? Last week, a young black man went on a killing rampage, killing white people. When apprehended, he admitted hating whites and wanted to kill as many as possible. Defund the police, and fomenting hatred for the police are all part of the plan. You have to nullify the opposition. When it’s time to unleash the dogs, you don’t want any restraints.

CREATE ECONOMIC CHAOS: High taxes, inflation, and lack of jobs, will demoralize the population, making it even easier to control them. Add social unrest, crime, and soaring murder rates, and rampant gun violence, and people will be afraid to venture out of their homes. Now it becomes easy to convince people that firearms must be outlawed, and a mass confiscation will begin. However, before you do that, you have to create a shortage of ammunition through all sorts of crazy laws, just in case a bunch of folks decide not to go along with the plan. Now that you’ve collected all of the weapons, and people are literally starving, you are free to do anything you wish, while telling people you’re going to fix everything. You saw this happen in Venezuela a few years ago in real time.

GAME OVER: Present government will be abolished, and an Autocratic system will be put in it’s place. A national police force will be established. States rights and self government will cease to exist. Any sign of opposition or rebellions will be instantly crushed. Any and all people that the new regime deems too dangerous will be vanquished. Likely never seen again. Crime will be reduced to virtually zero. The penalties will be so severe, no one would dare attempt it. The lefty’s have always been against the death penalty, that will change quickly. Freedom and autonomy will be forever lost. If the United States Government falls, it is the last free country on the planet, and will never return. The world population will be reduced to “drones” or worker bees if you will. Every facet of human life will be controlled by the governments. The only people on earth that will enjoy wealth, will be the government leaders.

The fate of the United States has been on the brink many times since it was established. It was saved by patriotic men and women who put forth the effort needed, to save this grand old Republic. It’s time once again to rally around the flag, patch up the wounds, and put our great nation on the road to good health once again. We can do it, but it won’t be easy. God Bless you all.



  1. Yuri Bezmenov tried to bring this to the attention of authorities and people in general when he defected from the USSR and was dismayed that virtually no-one wanted to listen to him.


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