Lately, the news is like a pan of boiling water on a high flame, overflowing on the stovetop, causing even more action. It’s hard to find a starting point, so many things to talk about. One of the things I have noticed lately, is the more frequent appearances of Karl Rove on Fox News. Today he was on the evening edition of Fox Prime Time with Trey Gowdy. During his commentary, he brought up the name of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the freshman house member from Georgia. She is the new person people love to hate. That seems to be a necessity of late. Green is a Trump loyalist, and also, according to reports, is a conspiracy theorist. Rove went on to say, we don’t need people like her in the GOP, we need the likes of Liz Cheney. If you haven’t figured this out already, I will lay it out for you. Rove and all of the other “old guard” Republicans are slithering back into D.C. like snakes, now that Trump is gone, in an attempt to purge the Republican Party of any remaining signs of Donald Trump. Karl Rove and those like him are the very people that need to be purged from the Republican Party.

The Democrats threw away the best presidential candidate they had on the podium, because she wasn’t radical enough. When you watch her and listen to her speak, it’s clear she was the brightest and best in the on the stage. In my opinion, she loves this country, and isn’t beholden to big money. She is the best evidence possible, that Democrats are not motivated by patriotism, but the raw quest for power. Watch this interview with Tulsi Gabbard, hosted by Trey Gowdy.

You may not like all of her policy positions, but when you have someone that is willing to discuss the issues and not start calling you names and trying to silence you, she deserves a chance to sit in the big chair. I will guarantee she wouldn’t be issuing 41 executive orders in one week. In my opinion she would be a tad more thoughtful about how her actions would affect the nation.


Have you heard the main stream media reporting that Biden is sending troops into Syria? Probably not, but he is. There is also a growing presence of military in the Persian Gulf. Looks like the war hawks are back in business. Now that the greenies are starting to strangle the U.S. oil production, we will have to get back into the business of keeping the Saudi’s safe from the Iranians. We wouldn’t want our supply of black gold to be interrupted now would we? We need to make sure there is enough gear oil to keep the windmills turning, and enough crude for making kayaks for those clean energy adventurists. Oh yeah, and it takes a lot of oil to maintain major military operations, along with John Kerry and Al Gore’s private jets and massive yachts.


The Democrats are the perfect example of “you can’t have your cake, and eat it too”. In one of my blogs this past summer, when the Democrats were openly promoting the riots, I said they are not going to be able to put this genie back in the bottle, even if they win the election. My predictions are unfortunately, turning out to be true. Disparaging the police began during the Obama years, and even though Donald Trump spoke out against it, he received no support from the Democrats. Governors and Mayors of Democrat ran cities and states conveniently looked the other way while ANTIFA and BLM destroyed their cities. Portland and Seattle are some of the worst. Black Lives Matter organization, stands by quietly, while hundreds of young black people are gunned down in major cities across this nation. So, how much do black lives really matter? To date, I have not heard a major statement from “Slow Joe” regarding law and order. I have not heard any support for police. All of that said, there are 25,000 National Guard Troops stationed in Washington, D.C. They have been there since a week before the inauguration, and are still there three weeks later. Some reports say they will be there at least through March. From what I am hearing, it appears the reason the troops are there, is they are afraid of Trump supporters, aka, white nationalists, rising up and attempting another insurrection. Actually I heard some of the Trump supporters were considering such a move, but couldn’t get time off work, and had already used their vacation time to come to the rally. In case you haven’t figured it out, the whole Biden presidency is a ” shit show.” Trust me, it’s only gonna’ get worse from here.

Stay strong, and thirsty my conservative friends. God Bless you and yours. God Bless the U.S.A.


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