Gone, are the days when the politicians promised happiness and prosperity, higher wages and better living conditions. The politician stands at the podium and shouts that he’s going to lower your taxes, and give your kids better educations. He’s going to make it possible for more people to own their own homes. It’s looking like that’s going the way of the Yugo dealers.

I don’t know about you, but the weight of the oppressive government that has materialized in this marvelous year of 2020, is starting to feel a bit much, for this freedom loving old man to bear. I’m beginning to get cranky and cantankerous. I’m smiling a lot less these days, and bitching a hell of lot more. There are more and more stories about people acting out and assaulting retail, and food industry employees. I am beginning to understand this, and feel their frustrations. This is totally alien for me, to be perpetually, in this state of mind. I am being slowly stripped of my freedoms, and I am getting more, and more, pissed off about it.

Being locked down for months on end, we were looking for a little relief over the Christmas weekend, so we decided to spend the night at our local Indian Casino. Although the restrictions were a little more relaxed, it was still very restrictive. If your mask slipped below your nose, it was quickly brought to your attention by one of the workers. You could only remove your mask while eating or drinking in one of the food areas. The fun factor was successfully eradicated. We left feeling disappointed and a bit angry. Admittedly, the anger could have been brought on by the fact that we lost our asses as well.

The crazy old guy with the fake doctor wife, is telling us that he is rolling back the Trump tax cuts, and is going to raise our taxes, and supports even more restrictions on our freedoms, using Covid as an excuse. He and his whole damn family have been bought and paid for by the Chinese Communists, just like the NBA, Google, and all the other silicon valley computer geeks. The whole Biden cabinet is Obama 2.0, and we all remember what a roaring success that was. The fake news media are all in bed with the Chinese as well, along with a whole host of university professors. Will someone please finally tell Anthony Fauci to get lost. He changes positions more than your local hooker. Wouldn’t it be nice if the whole damn government was like an Etcha Sketch, and you could just shake it a few times and it would disappear?

I’ve been in leadership positions a lot in my life. I’m not sure where I rank on a scale of 1 – 10, ten being best. But there is one thing I know for certain, and I always practiced it. You must constantly assess conditions in your leadership environment, and be willing to make changes to improve. When our so called leaders, put everyone in lockdown and the virus is still spreading, they should stop and look at what they are doing, and make changes. But no way Jose, their approach is ” it ain’t working, so lets do more of the same”. Lets put even more restrictions on the people. Let’s totally destroy the economy, and then make it impossible for them to receive any kind of meaningful relief. If they try to work, and feed their families, fine them and put them in jail. Take away the operating licenses of the bars and restaurants, put those suckers out of business. Sounds a bit Venezuelan does it not? You would think. the governors of the west coast tri-states, would take a look at Texas, Florida, and several other red states, and say, maybe we’re doing this wrong. That will be a cold day in hell. They are having a power orgasm.

A large portion of our population is sinking into hopelessness and despair. Suicide and drug overdoses are increasing daily. Even our young school age kids are feeling lost, and the number of teen suicides is climbing. Our halfwit leaders are so blinded by the power they now wield, they can’t see beyond the thresholds of their ivory towers. If they had an even an ounce of sympathy for your suffering, they would implement changes immediately. They would be seen in public, trying to decide how best to help the working folks. The cold hard facts are, they don’t give a rat’s ass how you and your family are getting by. They don’t care that your kids are suffering greatly not being in school. They don’t care that you can’t pay your rent or mortgage. Their answer, executive orders, to stop evictions. Now, they have extended the pain to the property owners, that rely on rent payments to survive. The end result is that the property owner can no longer pay his property taxes. The state aint’ gonna lose, they can foreclose and sell the property to get their money. The deck has been stacked against you, your freedom has already been taken away years ago, and you didn’t even realize it. Kid Rock has a song, that the lyrics are so apropos, ; “you ain’t got nothin’ to lose, you ain’t already lost”.

Don’t be fools. You’re being taken down a path to a bad place. You don’t have to go if you don’t want to. If you end up in that bad place, it’s because you allowed yourself to be taken there. That bad place is going to be inhabited by people who were haughty, full of pride, and vanity. So caught up in their selfish interests, they weren’t able to see their own looming destruction. Americans need to get their minds off of themselves long enough to see their country is being stolen beneath their noses. They need to rise up against the tyranny and take back their freedom. The enemy is already in your house. They are stealing your children, they are making you dependent on them. they want you to look upon them as your saviors. They want to say who lives and who dies. They want total control over your lives. You don’t have to comply, but non compliance takes courage, lots of it.



  1. I believe many of our politicians, including some Republicans, have sold us out. Politicians don’t care anymore and it may be up to the citizens to save this country.


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