We are now eight months into the Covid disaster, and major therapeutic treatments have evolved. The death rate from this virus is has improved dramatically. It is now less than 1%, about what we expect from the common flu. I have a friend that is 72 years old, that contracted Covid from one of his employees. He has numerous medical issues including diabetes. He quarantined at home, was completely over it in two weeks. His wife did not contract the virus, living in the same house. I have heard other similar stories. We know a lady in her mid 40’s suffering from severe M.S., residing in a nursing home. She contracted Covid, was in bad shape for about a week, then quickly recovered. Sadly others have succumbed to Covid in huge numbers, I don’t mean to make light of those poor souls and their families. However, among reasonably healthy people, it doesn’t appear that Covid poses a risk much higher than the common flu.

Lately, they are reporting we are experiencing a record number of new cases of Covid. Think about this for a moment, and ask yourself this question. If there is a huge spike in Covid cases, why aren’t the hospitals being overrun. I have not seen one report of hospitals in crisis, or pictures of refrigerated trailers full of dead bodies. We belong to a local lodge with over 2000 members, many of them elderly, we have had one death that was Covid related, and the woman had severe health problems. None of my family members, that are spread out over six states, have reported anyone with Covid. When I hear the work “pandemic”, in my mind I see hospitals overflowing with patients, neighbors, friends, and family members sick or dying. I’m not seeing any of these things happening. If the politicians and media weren’t telling me these things, I would never know it was happening.

In my opinion, we are being lied to, in some sort of epic plot. These people perpetrating this lockdown misery, have a track record that belies their stories of doing this for public safety. These people could give a rat’s ass about anything that doesn’t benefit them or their political party. Honestly, this whole Covid debacle has political motivation written all over it in big red letters.

These are the feelings that I have at the moment. You are going to spend of lot of time and breath, if you are going to convince me that Covid, is not a genetically engineered virus, deliberately released by the Chinese, with the blessings of others within the United States, to cause major economic and political damage. All major assaults have collateral damage and it was all planned. Sort of a ” shock and awe” operation if you will. Combine Covid with major social upheavals by Marxists groups, destruction of cities, public properties, looting, and pillaging. Then to cap off the entire campaign, with massive voter fraud in a Presidential election, to undermine one of the most important underpinnings of our Democracy. Blue state governors are happy to participate, by shutting down small businesses, houses of worship, social clubs, bars, and restaurants. Destroying any semblance of normalcy that may be remaining. Beware of politicians that use the phrase ” new normal”.

You seriously need to get it out of your head, if you think all of these things are simply coincidental. Another frightening aspect is that Bill Gates just happens to be much more visible as of late. Bill Gates is an avid globalist, standing elbow to elbow with other tech giants, that think the idea of individual nations is an anachronism. These people were obviously highly affected by the old Coca-Cola ad. They have a very misguided dream of a “one world order”, with a central world governing body. Can you imagine the enormity of the police force it would take, to manage the world populations? So much for defunding the police.

We have a growing number of people that think they’re social geniuses, and can fix the United States government. Firstly, the United State government ain’t broken. The very foundation of our government, are two of the most brilliant documents ever created by mankind, The Constitution and Bill of Rights. I submit to you, that these documents, although written by mere mortals, were inspired by God Almighty. What’s broken are the people that run the government. They have been corrupted by greed, and power. They have replaced their patriotism and desire to make our nation a better place for all people, with selfish motives, and cheap partisan politics.

Stand strong fellow patriots. There are dark forces attempting to steal our great nation in broad daylight. Do not believe the constant barrage of lies being fed to you from all angles. Take your time and question everything you are being told. Remember the time tested statements by Benjamin Franklin:

“Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government, when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on it’s ruins”.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety deserve neither Liberty or Safety”.

Geese are but Geese, tho we think of them as Swans, and truth will be truth though it sometimes proves to be mortifying, and distasteful”. ( slightly paraphrased )

Our founding Fathers were not average men. I believe they were put on this earth by God, at the perfect time, to create the United States of America, the greatest nation this world has ever known. However, the execution of the principles set forth by these great men, have been handed down to lesser men, men less inspired. The general maintenance in the hands of lazy bureaucrats. The greatness of the Documents these men created, are reinforced daily by the fact that they still stand in spite of being managed by inept politicians.


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