I am a huge Mark Levin fan. He is brilliant on Constitutional matters. He is also able to cut through the B.S. and offer clear viewpoints on current political affairs. He doesn’t sugar coat anything, he tells the unvarnished truth, like it or not. I spent an hour with him this evening, watching his show ” Life, Liberty, and Levin”. Spending an hour with Mr. Levin is not entertainment, it’s educational. I must admit however, I find his delivery entertaining, to say the least.

There is a back story I want to share with you before I say anything further about Mr. Levin’s show. My wife and I share a lot of our free time with a small group of friends. We always have a great time when our little group gets together at our Elks lodge or at someone’s home. We’re all close to the same age, and conservatives of the Christian faith. I might add, all Donald Trump supporters. We got together on Saturday evening, and although we had a good time, there was an underlying gloomy feeling about how the election went down. Several people said they felt sorta like they had lost a loved one, and everyone expressed their anger and frustration. It has been hard to accept in our house for sure.

Watching Mark Levin this evening was an eye opener. I heard things tonight that I have not heard anywhere else. The level of election fraud, by the Democrats, all across our nation is appalling. The Democrat party filed over 300 lawsuits all across our nation attempting to alter election laws just prior to the election. All intended to affect the way absentee ballots were handled and counted, as well as other laws regarding voting deadlines. This is important to keep in mind. Judges do not have the authority, or the power, to amend election rules. Only the state legislatures have that power. The Democrats were attempting to do an end run around the state legislatures in order to rig the election. Philadelphia and Detroit, have a horrible track record on rigging elections, several election officials have actually been sent to prison in recent years. The City of Philadelphia took it on their own, to alter the way ballots are certified, which by the way does not comply with the Pennsylvania State law, or Federal law.

Mark’s guests tonight were Ken Star, who is no stranger to anyone, and Hans Von Spakovsky, a senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Both of these gentlemen said they were amazed at the blatant level of fraud perpetrated in this election by the Democrats. Both agreed that the Supreme Court will have to be involved in sorting it out. Both also agreed, that the litigation must playout to restore the confidence of fair elections, regardless of who the eventual winner is. Once the dust settles and everyone is satisfied with the vote tally, the Electoral College must meet and certify the results in December. The Congress must then certify the Electoral College numbers.

An interesting side note here. If the State Legislature is not satisfied, that the number of votes is indeed correct and fair, they can direct the Electoral College to assign their votes to the candidate chosen by the State Legislature. So, as you can see, this election is far from over. There are no clear winners at this time, regardless of what the news outlets are telling you. I found it quite amusing, that the New York Post, in today’s edition, was urging the President to concede, so that Biden would have ample time to get this transition team into the White House so they wouldn’t be behind when they took office. The Trump team is choosing to ignore their requests, as he should.

So, tonight I am feeling better about this dog and pony show. Our President has not conceded, nor should he. In spite of what the geniuses in the news outlets , and the Trump hating Republicans are saying. They can all pound sand. So, to all of my loyal Trump Supporting readers, keep your chins high, we ain’t lost yet.




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