We’ve always known the Democrat party is the party of corruption. The city of Chicago has always been their corruption headquarters. The city of Chicago today is corrupt as ever. Is it really any surprise that Barrack Hussein Obama operated in true Chicago style? The way he operated as president was right out of Mayor Daly’s playbook. I’m not going to chronicle Mayor Daly’s time in office, but a short summary is that he took over a city with annual budget surpluses, and after eight years in office, the city was in financial shambles, and very near insolvency. His friends and family weren’t insolvent, they did really well with the lucrative contracts they received while he was in office. Sort of like the Biden family. For the Democrats, that’s an old family tradition. So, here we are in 2020, crime and murder are still rampant in Chicago, and Democrats are telling you ” everything is fine, nothing to see here”.

Let’s move on to good ol’ Bill DeBlasio. How this clown ever ended up as mayor of New York City, is a mind bender. He’s a devout Commie. He’s always been a devout Commie. He came from Commie parents. He has been a supporter of Communist movements in Central America. I could go on and on, but this guy is a total joke. Well not really, what he is doing to NYC is not at all funny. He is turning the legendary “Big Apple” into a rotten apple. What is puzzling to me, is why aren’t there any provisions for impeaching or recalling this asshole? Do we really have to just stand by while he single handedly destroys one of our most amazing cities?

Look at what we learned about our nations premier law enforcement agency. I have been in the FBI visitors center in D.C., and I was very impressed. But, that was way back in the 1970’s, and I was a lot more impressionable. In reality, I was young and dumb, years away from my four years at Trump University. Yep, they probably should close that visitors center until they get their shit together. Probably getting rid of Chris Wray would be a good start. Remember when Reagan fired every single air traffic controller? That might not be a bad idea for the FBI.

I was always under the impression that the CIA didn’t involve itself in the nation’s internal affairs, leaving that up to the FBI. Yep, just to make sure I checked with Wikipedia, and the CIA is organized to surveil foreign activities. Well, John Brennan obviously didn’t check with Wikipedia before he wrote out his job description, ’cause that dumbass was very active in the national political arena, which by the way doesn’t fall under foreign surveillance. I mean, am I off base here? Was anyone actually engaging in foreign surveillance while Obama was president? They obviously weren’t paying much attention to ISIS. I thought the approach they used on Iran was novel. Here take this plane load of cash, and shut up. Then the genius John Kerry, the heroic gun boat captain of Viet Nam fame, told Iran, ” Ok, go ahead with your nuclear shit, just don’t do anything stupid while Barrack’s in office”. Yep, in true Trump style, he told Iran to put that lousy Nuke agreement were the sun don’t shine. And if you do anything stupid we’ll make you eat those suckers.

We always knew Nancy Pelosi was a jerk. Trump exposed her for what she really is. Trump has a way of getting under the Democrat’s skin, and they show their true colors. Not only was Nancy exposed, but her lackeys in the House of Representatives were also spotlighted, and what bunch of inglorious bastards they are. Honestly, have you ever seen anyone lie like Adam Schiff? Have you ever seen anyone as stupid as Gerald Nadler? The term stupid doesn’t even scratch the surface in describing Maxine Waters. Last but not least how about Al Green from Texas? He looks and talks like the caveman in the Geico commercials, and appears to be about as bright. I mean it’s a very long list of folks that seem to be one taco short of a combination plate.

Did you really think I was going to overlook Hillary? Her and Bill are life long political criminals. They have circumvented the law more times than anyone really knows. They have absolutely no respect for the law. You could write a book about these two. Oh yeah, Peter Schweitzer already did that, it’s called ” Clinton Cash”. The big lesson that Trump taught us, is that Hillary will stop at nothing to win, and if she loses anyway, she never stops whining, and has more excuses than LA’s homeless population. Trump also taught us, that what we thought we knew about Hillary, was just the tip of the iceberg. This woman has no allegiance to anything other than power and money. Not necessarily in that order. As for Hillary, I seriously doubt if the word sacrifice ever crossed her mind, unless of course she asked someone else sacrifice on her behalf.

Then, there’s the Blue State governors. Trump gave all of them some Covid rope, and they all promptly hanged themselves, making Democrats look pretty stupid. I’m pretty sure “Big Orange” knew that’s what would happen, and now Pelosi wants to bail them out, trying to use political leverage with the Covid relief bill. Nancy thinks she had a winning hand, due to the upcoming election. Trump just told her today, it ain’t happening until after the election. Nancy now realizes she has a pair of deuces, Trump has four aces. McConnel says he’s not even considering it until he gets ACB seated in the SCOTUS. Sorry Nancy, you lose again. Trump just keeps winning.

For the past three and a half years, the Democrats have thrown everything at Trump short of a Nuke. He has outflanked them every single time. In the process he has exposed the rampant corruption in our government, that goes beyond what anyone would have imagined. There is an old saying, if you’re going to war, get to know your enemy. Well the Democrats failed to do their homework. Trump likes a good fight, and enjoys it. This guy likes winning, it’s what makes him tick. If he in fact wins another term in the White House, the Democrat agenda will be devastated for years to come. Do not fail to support the our President and the Republicans running for the House and Senate. We need four more years to finish the job. If Donald J. Trump serves four more years, it will be like receiving a Masters Degree in Political Science.


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