President Trump handled himself way better than I would have. The Democrats have put this man and his family through hell for four long years, and aren’t showing any signs of letting up. Democrats are the most vile and despicable people on earth. ( I really like the words vile and despicable, they’re my new favorite words ) I’m not sure if I could have refrained from walking over to his podium and wringing his little chicken neck. I knew a guy like Joe Biden in high school, a wretched little shit with a big mouth, couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, but was always making trouble. We say guys like that, let their alligator mouths, overload their chicken asses. All talk and no action.

Do you remember the horses ass Chris Matthews making derogatory remarks about Trump’s inauguration speech as Barrack Hussein Obama flew away on the helicopter? He hadn’t been President more than 30 minutes when these assholes started criticizing him. Two civil rights groups launched a website on Friday, just as Trump was sworn in, http://www.impeachdonaldtrumpnow.org. It was initiated by two groups, Free Speech for People, and RootsAction.

Barrack Hussein Obama and his band of dirt bags had already launched a spying operation on Trump’s campaign, before he was elected. It now looks like Hillary was the catalyst in that operation to deflect attention away from her email scandal. We now know that a whole host of folks in the CIA and FBI were in on it. After Trump took office they ramped up their efforts thanks to James Comey, and his henchmen, and falsely took down Michael Flynn, a career General. Michael Flynn’s only crime was being associated with Donald Trump. They didn’t stop there, they took down Paul Manafort, and Roger Stone, for the very same reasons. These miserable excuses for human beings, went on to spend millions of dollars and two and a half years on a phony Russia collusion probe.

After the Russia collusion probe turned out to be a total failure, Nancy and her gang of Congressional thugs decided, what the hell, let’s impeach him. That was also a dismal failure, but it wasted tons of time and money, for no other reason than to tarnish Trump’s record. The Democrats doing this stuff, was in reality, nothing more than a soft coup. So, during the impeachment hearings, we are hit with Covid from China. The Democrats wasted no time turning Covid into a circus, that we are still dealing with right now.

No President in my lifetime has been attacked so viciously, and relentlessly. Yet, in spite of everything they have thrown at him, he has soldiered on and has accomplished an amazing list of things that have improved the economy, and trade deals with foreign nations, and forged peace agreements with age old enemies in the middle east. I read today that another important peace agreement is underway as I am writing.

The saddest thing about this ordeal, is that the Democrats and their allies in the main stream media, have done a spectacular job of causing a huge divide among the American people, stoking hate and division. Donald Trump truly loves America and it’s people. Can you blame him for feeling angry and frustrated when confronted with a swamp creature like Joe Biden. Slow Joe is in this for himself, period. He could care less about this country and it’s people. The entire Democrat party is morally bankrupt.

The absurdity of the Democrat party’s actions over the past four years hurts my head. They have been doing underhanded crap since Moby Dick was a minnow, but this has been way over the top. The Democrats are so obsessed with their hatred for Donald Trump, the party has become paralyzed. They aren’t doing anything constructive for the country at all. Nancy and her band of crooks, are holding up additional funding for Covid victims over petty issues. These people are elected to take care of the peoples business, but they are so filled with hate, they can’t do anything.

The Democrats are trying to tell us that all of this violence in our cities is being caused by white supremacists. I have yet to see one guy in a white robe and a pointy hat (other than Ralph Northam) skin heads are pretty easy to spot, Nazis are really easy to spot. Wait a minute, we are being bamboozled. All of these white supremacists are are wearing BLM shirts, that’s gotta be who they’re talking about. Why didn’t they explain that? They should have made that more clear. Those black guys out there burning buildings, and looting, those are white supremacists in “black face”. I’m really pissed off that these so called journalists let us believe that black folks were doing all of that stuff. That’s really bullshit. One of those guys may have been Jimmy Fallon, just walking home from work.

As serious as this stuff is, you have to admit that this is funny shit. People who say they are really concerned about systemic racism, are pushing for Joe Biden to be president. That my friends is the epitome of an oxymoron. He has a record of forty years of spouting racial crap, and has a history of associating with known racist’s. Mark Levin laid out this guy’s racist acts over the years like I have never heard it before. Joe Biden is one of the biggest liars that ever walked the halls of Congress. It’s no wonder that he chose Kamala Harris as a running mate, she is equally skilled at telling lies. But I have to give her credit, she is such a skilled politician that she got where she is today while she was lying down. That’s how easy it was for her.

My friends, at the risk of sounding like one of those endless loop news tapes, the Democrat party has become the number one enemy of our Glorious Republic. We cannot, and must not allow them to control the levers of power until we undo the damage they have done in our institutions. Donald Trump is the man that can accomplish that, but he needs the backing of the House and Senate. Help the Republicans win this very crucial election, any way you can.


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