sleeping giant

The U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, referred to the Coronavirus outbreak as a “Pearl Harbor Moment”, it’s going to be a “9/11 Moment”.  I really don’t think Dr. Adams realized the gravity of the words he uttered in that interview.

The death toll in the attack on Pearl Harbor was 2,403, 68 of those were civilians. The 9/11 attack killed 2,977 people. The total number of dead in both attacks add up to 5,380. This number is absolutely pale in comparison to the total number killed by COVID-19. At the writing of this blog, 114,247 have died worldwide. That’s Pearl Harbor and 9/11, times 21.

Just for the record, America has never suffered such and attack, and not mounted a very strong response. There is no reason to believe this will be different. America the ” giant,” has been napping if you will, for a number of years in regards to China. While he was napping, a lot of bad actors were robbing him blind. But this latest attack has awakened the giant, and he will begin to focus his attention on retrieving his stolen riches.

China has shown total disregard for the world by deliberately allowing it’s citizens to travel to the four corners of the earth, spreading this deadly virus. This is the epitome of a bad neighbor, and it will not go unpunished. I am not suggesting this will result in a “hot war” but make no mistake, this will result in some very severe economic actions by the U.S., and hopefully our NATO allies will join the battle.

China played it’s hand just like Japan did in 1941. Japan was sure the surprise attack which seriously damaged our Pacific Fleet would weaken our Naval Forces and make it possible for them to dominate the Pacific, and take over all of the islands making them stepping stones to America’s front door. They seriously underestimated American fortitude and industrial might.

China, in my opinion, believed this surprise attack on the U.S. and western economy would be the death knell, and we would not be able to recover from it, and remain in a weakened state for years. Allowing China to surge forward with their plans to become the number one economy in the world. Why would they think that? The reason is clear. China feels that way, because they have successfully coerced manufacturers of almost every conceivable necessity to set up shop in within their borders, while the dimwits in the U.S. have willingly closed down domestic production and shuttered factories. The “tell tale” evidence of the truth to what I am saying, came a few weeks ago, when the Chinese Communist party threatened to withhold medical supplies if we didn’t stop blaming this COVID-19 mess on them.

In the coming months, you will see enormous pressure put on American companies doing business in China to bring their factories back home. You will see the government offering very attractive tax incentives to entice them. I wouldn’t doubt that you will see the government subsidize these moves to make it even more attractive. This is why it is so important for Donald Trump be re-elected for another four year term. He has proven he is not afraid to stand up to China, and he more than anyone else has the ability to rebuild America’s manufacturing base. Rebuilding our factories is the key to winning this war. Our factories are the economic engine that will propel us to new heights and allow the United States of America to remain the solitary beacon of freedom and the ultimate force against tyranny in the world.

When this happens, when America once again flexes it’s industrial muscle, the Chinese economy will quickly shrink. The reason this will surely happen, is because the largest consumer of Chinese goods is, you guessed it, the U.S.A. Think about this in the next few days, and try to find something you bought in the past 10 years, that wasn’t made in China, in whole, or part. This is why, this is a battle we must win, we cannot fail. You would not believe how deeply embedded General Motors has become in China. Do your research, there is a video on You Tube that details it quite nicely. It’s absolutely shocking how many other good old American companies are in bed with the Chinese.

This war is not going to be won easily or quickly, and may be a little painful before it’s over. But it must be won. You need to do your part by researching the products you intend to buy, and whenever possible, buy American. You may be helping win the battle by buying a Toyota over a Chevrolet ( can’t believe I said that ) because the Toyota has much more domestic content. The same goes for Honda. If you’re a builder, make sure you buy domestic products whenever possible. Just like we did in WWll, everyone pulled together to defeat the oppressors. We can do it again. But, a very key part of this, is electing a leader, that is willing to do the hard thing. Donald Trump has exhibited he is willing work hard for this nation, and it’s obvious he loves the American people and wants the very best for them.

The gravity of what will happen if the economy is closed too long cannot be overstated. The economy must be re-started quickly, even if a few more die from the virus. There is a threshold, nobody knows exactly where it is, but if the economy is shuttered beyond that threshold, the damage to our nation will be unfathomable, and the Chinese will be victorious. It simply must not happen.



trump on tank


  1. Good one BW. Per your numbers we are about half way the the H1N1 death number. And the alarm for that one was ho hum,,,,,,,,,


  2. Yep, there is tom foolery afoot here. A lot of big players behind the scenes are manipulating this. Take a good look at Bill Gates, and the climate change fanatics. They think this is a great time to initiate at least a part of the New Green Deal B.S.


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