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It seems a greater and greater portion of my personal time is being spent genuinely pissed off. When I analyze why, it pretty much comes down to the stupidity of my fellow human beings. As a matter of fact, the older I get, the more I understand hermits. However, if you try to exit society, it can be very dangerous, ask Randy Weaver. It seems if you try to leave the general population and move to some remote location, there is some sort of alarm system that notifies an unknown government agency, that you have just gone nuts and are a threat to national security. They immediately dispatch agents to investigate, and kill you if they aren’t exactly sure what you’re up to. Again, reference Randy Weaver. I’m probably pissed off about the same things Randy was. I’m too old to move to a remote mountain top, so being old will probably save my life. I’ll live the rest of my life in a obscure village on an obscure street, and no one will ever notice the Confederate Battle flag hanging in my garage, right next to my gun safe with five weapons and 2000 rounds of ammo. I was going to put a steel plate on the inside of my garage door with a secret gun port, but abandoned that idea when I remembered the FBI burning down the building with all of the people inside in Waco, Texas a few years back.

I think the biggest reason, of many, that really wraps me around the axle, are the local and state governments, that think they can just enact laws that are insane, and your just supposed to nod your head in approval and accept the insanity. For instance, I live near the city where the state capitol is located, and whatever the idiots in the capitol city government does, our small next door community follows along like baby ducks behind the mother duck. The capital city council announced late 2019, that plastic bags and straws would be banned starting in 2020. Our city announced they were following suit. Now when I go to the market, I have to take my own bags, or pay 5 cents for one of their stupid paper bags that inevitably rips open and spills the contents before I’m able to get to my kitchen counter top. It’s even worse if it’s raining, and it rains a lot here. So every time I go shopping for anything, I leave the store pissed off.

Now, while I am being totally inconvenienced by these morons at city hall, they are allowing both cities to be overrun by homeless folks living on the city streets, and leaving massive piles of trash, and used hypodermic needles behind. I saw a message on face book last week that said if your city is banning plastic bags and straws, and handing out free needles to addicts, you’re being governed by idiots. That’s one of the truest statements I have seen for awhile. These idiots spend millions on bike lanes that are rarely used, and then when we complain about potholes, they claim they don’t have the money to repair them and need to raise the gasoline tax. What?? Bicycles need to be taxed as if they used gasoline, if they are taking up space that once belonged to motorized vehicles. My friend just got a notice that they were raising his license fees on his Prius because he wasn’t using enough gasoline, thus not paying enough taxes. I thought these morons were pushing electric cars and hybrids to save the planet. They are liars, they just want to strip you of as much money as possible.

The ” greenies ” in Oregon are losing their collective minds because we have four or five coal fired electric generating plants. So these mental giants have convinced the State to phase them out of service over the next few years. You will not believe what I am going to tell you next. They have nothing to replace these generating stations with, and have no plans to do so. They are warning us to expect brownouts. This is such a profoundly stupid idea it’s impossible that anyone would even consider it. It gets worse, they are going to force builders to stop using natural gas for heating and cooking, and go all electric. You got that? They are drastically reducing the electrical generating capabilities, while imposing a greater demand for electricity. People, this is the shit AOC is talking. These morons are also pushing for everyone to give up their gasoline vehicles and go electric, this includes large delivery vehicles. With this type of brainless leadership, Oregon’s economy will grind down to a snails pace. What these geniuses haven’t figured out, is that when the economy comes to a halt, so does the tax collection. What I have just explained to you is simply absurd, and beyond my comprehension. It is literally economic suicide.

So, all of this is being done to save the planet, or so they say. Pay attention to what I am about to say. I don’t give a damn what Greta Thunberg says, the world ain’t going to end in 12 years. Now the resident genius congresswoman AOC, is saying she was only joking. AOC is first and foremost a liar, she couldn’t be in congress if she wasn’t. That’s a prerequisite on the form you have to fill out before you can run for congress as a Democrat. This is important to understand, Climate Change is being pushed because all governments understand it can’t be proved or disproved, and they can convince the K thru 12 crowd it’s for real and their world is going to end before they get the chance to lose their virginity. By pushing this pure and unadulterated bullshit, they can control the masses and tax the living hell out of them at the same time. Telling the masses they are saving their asses, while their world is starting to look a lot like a Mad Max movie set.

I could go on for hours, but I am getting so damn mad while writing this, I can’t think of anything but that new bottle of Pecan Whiskey I bought last week. So, I’m wrapping up this mad rant until next time. Remember, if you’re mad as hell it’s a good thing, you know you ain’t got dementia. Go to you’re city council meeting and tell them you think they’re all assholes. It won’t do any good, you’ll get tossed out, but you’ll feel one hell of a lot better the next day. Just don’t get speeding ticket anytime soon. It may not work out well.


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  1. Yep you got that right. Every law they pass backfires with unintended (or purposeful) consequences. In Austin, TX, the mayor claims the homeless are leaving insulin needles on the street. Ahhh. They must think we are all idiots.
    But don’t get mad just keep calling these idiots out like you just did. It keeps us sane, otherwise we end up joining them like Hollywood does.


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