2020 SOTU


I debated with myself as to whether I would write about this tonight, but after watching President Trump deliver one of his best, if not his best speech ever, I couldn’t resist. Donald Trump was in full command tonight, with the persona of a true leader, standing tall above all others. If you didn’t feel the American pride he was touting, then you were either on drugs or a Democrat.

I thought the way the President showcased several great Americans throughout his speech was tasteful and compassionate. Donald Trump clearly loves America and her people, and wants the best for all, no matter what color, creed, or religion. He clearly longs for the safety and security of all people. The opposition that attempts to paint him as a raciest are clearly losing the battle, his actions shows they are liars.

They call Ronald Reagan the ” great communicator ” and I agree with that all day long. When you listened to Reagan speak, you were awe struck by his eloquent delivery and his command of the English language. Donald Trump will never by credited with either of those traits, in my opinion, connects with the masses better than Ronald Reagan ever did. Donald Trump is like listening to your co-worker out on the job site. His speech is plain, simple, and directly to the point, even though, not exactly how your English teacher would have said it. Although hugely successful in the business world, and quite wealthy, he comes across as the ” average Joe”.

While President Trump was delivering a powerful speech, crazy Nancy was sitting behind him acting like a disgruntled child. Her actions were deplorable. As if her antics weren’t bad enough during the speech, her display of anger at the end was a true picture of the real Nancy Pelosi, as she ripped up the copy of the Presidents speech. While she was ripping up the speech, I was immediately taken back a few weeks ago when a reporter asked her if she hated the President. She marched back to the podium in a classic pissed off woman style, and declared that she was raised Catholic, and didn’t hate anyone. She went on to say she prayed for the President every day. This woman is a liar, a fake, and a hater, regardless of what she claims to be. She fits perfectly in the Schiff, Nadler and Schumer group. The term ” bottom feeders ” is too good for this bunch.

It was pretty darn clear who the adults in the room were tonight, and it definitely wasn’t the Democrats. When you compound the actions of the Democrats in the SOTU  tonight, with the unmitigated disaster of the Iowa Caucuses, and the equally disastrous display of the botched impeachment, I don’t see how anyone can think these people are capable of running anything on a larger scale than a dishwasher.

In closing, I told you they would figure out a way to take out the old socialist. It made them all look like fools, but to them it was worth it. Look for more trickery in the near future.


Old Glory

Check out  ” I think you will enjoy their perspective too.

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