The Masters 2013If you read my previous blog, I spoke of my life in Southern California and the sheer energy that filled the air from the non-stop activity. In the 60’s thru the 80’s, it was a highly competitive atmosphere. If you didn’t hustle you didn’t make it. As I said in the previous blog, I lived there 30 years. The fast pace lifestyle was for the young and restless, not the ideal place for older folks. I’m sure it hasn’t changed.

About eight years into our residence in California, we converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So for the next 22 years, my life was pretty structured to say the least. Having been raised as an Evangelical Christian, I had a very hard time getting on board 100%, and actually never did. I did however feel it was the best for my family, so I pretty much went along with the program. Being an artist and free thinker, I’m not a real good follower. Group thinking was never my thing.

Sixteen years into our life in the Pacific Northwest, my wife passed away, and I found myself single again after 46 years. Thus, the beginning of the second and final round. My youngest daughter suggested I go on and see if I could find a new soul mate. Dating again after that many years being married, is awkward to say the least. In the fall of 2007 I met a lovely lady who was, and is quite unique, and fun. She was born and raised in London, England and immigrated to the US in the eighties. She has a lovely British accent that everyone loves, and has a very different point of perspective than anyone I have ever known.

Part of that that different point of perspective obviously comes from being British. The other part is from being raised in a wealthy family, and having sailed around the world twice as a young woman. She has seen just about every country on the planet and can tell you some very interesting stories of things she has seen. She was in Russia during the height of the communist regime. She said she it was depressing to see the poverty of the Russian people. She said there were shops on the streets with nothing in them, there was nothing to buy. Nobody had any money. That was a sharp contrast for someone that traveled by chauffer driven Bentley, while at home in London. As a young woman, she had the honor of meeting Queen Elizabeth, at the Royal Command Performance in 1973.

After moving to the US, she decided to go back to college, and earned a Masters Degree in Forensic Psychology. Having read all of the above, you might think she would be the stereotypical “snooty brit”. She is anything but. She is a down to earth fun loving lady that loves animals ( especially her schnauzer ). She has a wild sense of humor and loves to tell slightly naughty jokes.

So, the point of all of this, is that I was a very lucky guy. Having gone through the grim reality of losing my first wife, she brought with her, a whole new reality. She has taught me so many lessons on what is really important in life, and what isn’t. She is always teasing my about being ” anal”. She is totally right. But it’s hard to undo a whole lifetime, and learn a different way to look at things. One of her most amazing traits is being able to get over being upset with someone, and reconcile the issue quickly and move on.

She has taught me how to be comfortable in my home. Being able to relax and enjoy my surroundings without constantly having to be doing something or going somewhere. Having to get rid of my nervous energy. That’s hard for someone who’s brain never stops.

So, I have an incredible lady to love and share the remainder of my life with. We’ve both had cancer and survived with an absolutely clean bill of health, I survived open heart surgery and never felt better. We are still going strong, and enjoy life and our crazy fun friends. Oh yeah, I got two great Stepsons in the deal, and more Grandkids. ( cute ones too.) It’s the second and final round, and I’m winning………….. for now.

P.S. About being a Mormon; Members of the LDS Church are wonderful people, but I just couldn’t participate any longer for a number of reasons. I have no regrets, having been an active member for many years, It just doesn’t work for me. I have returned to my roots so to speak. I now proudly wear a Christian Cross once again. Another part of round two.




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