This woman just heard Nancy Pelosi talking about the President’s mental state, and has no idea what Nancy just said. Can you imagine a conversation between Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden? If you see strange people accompanying Nancy and Joe, don’t worry they’re Visiting Angels.

I heard Nancy talking about Donald Trump’s mental state today, and fell down laughing. She was literally unable to put more than two words together, and seemed to be dazed and confused. When I was a kid, I used to have an old Ford that was the same way. In the mornings it would only fire on two or three cylinders multiple times before it would finally start running on all eight. The body work looked a lot like Nancy’s face as well. Her makeup has to be very near the consistency of Bondo, applied with a putty knife.

Nancy’s new thing; Trump is involved in a cover up. What the hell does this guy have to cover up. He’s been investigated by four different groups for over two years, and nobody has been able to find any wrongdoing. What could the guy possibly be covering up? Nancy vowed today to keep looking, she’s positive he must be guilty of something.

So let me get this straight…..four different investigations, hundreds of witnesses, hundreds of subpoenas, the White House turned over more than a million documents to the Mueller team of partisan hacks, and somehow, the house investigative committee is going to magically find something everyone else missed??? These people have to be smoking dope. I have never seen such a huge group of totally useless people as the House Democrats.

Nancy and her gang have been in control of the House of Representatives going on six months and have absolutely nothing to show for it. They have not accomplished any meaningful legislation. They are failing the American people, when so much needs to be done to improve the lives of everyday folks.

Millions of illegal aliens are pouring into our country daily, creating a humanitarian crisis, and the Democrats are wasting their time on a totally stupid piece of legislation called the “Equality Act” which if put into practice would strip women of their privacy, and allow transgender males to dominate women’s sporting events. It would be a huge setback for women. It will never pass the Senate, and even if it did, the President would never sign it.

San Franny Granny

Look for the San Franny Granny to show up in new duds soon. Lately she has been doubling as the House Chaplain, laying down religious doctrine, and offering up prayers for her rival Donald Trump. She may soon show up in a long black robe with a tall hat, carrying a scepter. She has deemed the border wall immoral, while upholding full term abortion and infanticide. She has uttered words of divine guidance on numerous occasions lately, with words of wisdom about how everyone has the spark of divine goodness even if they are members of MS13. It would be a little hard to see that spark, when they are covered with blood from the latest murder, chopping up people with machetes. However, when I see her and hear her words, I hearken back to the words of my dear Mother; ” actions speak louder than words”. My Mom also had another appropriate saying about people like Nancy; ” I would like to buy her for what she’s worth, and sell her for what she thinks she’s worth”. She’s what my old Italian friend called a “food waster”.


Old Glory



2 thoughts on “SAY WHAT???

  1. “Would you like some tea?” “Say what?” “Tea? Would you like some tea?” ? – ? – . ? “They’ve been married for fifty years.” “Say what?” . – ? !


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