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In my previous article I laid out how the left and the deep state pulled out all of the stops to prevent Donald Trump from being elected, then after he won, gave it everything they had to take him down. As we have learned over the past two days, it was an total failure. However, as you might imagine, the moronic democrats will not simply quit, so buckle up.

Not being content just to attack the man politically, the left has disgraced themselves by attacking his family. One of their favorite targets is Ivanka. She is a very attractive, smart, well educated, business woman. An articulate speaker, she exudes class and dignity. She is totally loyal to her father, however will challenge him when she feels it necessary. Her strength and spirit represents her family very well. Yet on many occasions, the left has taken cheap shots at her, making themselves look small and petty. Samantha Bee called her a “feckless cunt”. Samantha Bee is a feckless idiot.

It is abhorrent the way the left has treated the first lady. They can’t bring themselves to say one single positive thing when it comes to Melania. They criticize her clothing, her shoes, it doesn’t matter what she wears the media picks her apart. If you remember, as soon as the Trumps moved into the White House, numerous fashion designers said they would not dress her. Let’s talk a little bit about the fashion world. It is a virtual slime pit of unsavory characters, that prance, around with their noses in the air as if they are some sort of aristocracy. In reality, they are a bunch of whiny little bitches that look like freaks from a side show. None of them are worth a moment of Melania’s time.

Remember Michelle Obama was featured on the covers of all sorts of fashion magazines? Everyone was always talking about how beautiful she was. Listen, as a totally heterosexual male I have spent a great deal of my life looking at women. I think I’m a pretty damn good judge of what constitutes beauty. I have seen stunningly beautiful women from all races, from all over the world that made my heart race. Sorry, but Michelle Obama falls short of what I would call beautiful. Melania puts Michelle in the weeds, but not one of these left wing fashion rags would dare put her on the cover. Melania is one of the most beautiful first ladies to ever grace the halls of the White House, she makes me proud every time I see her.

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All that I have written above is maddening to say the least, but doesn’t compare to the comments that were made about Barron by Hollywood scumbags. Remember how the left lectured us about how Chelsea Clinton was off limits during the Clinton years? How the Obama girls were off limits during the Obama years? Suddenly, now that Donald Trump is president, all bets are off, his kids are fair game. The towering genius, Peter Fonda, ( idiocy has been proven to be genetic ) said that Barron should be ripped from his mothers arms and placed in a cage with pedophiles. You remember Peter Fonda, he made one B rated flick about a dope smuggling biker, played by himself. Total loser just like his sister “Hanoi Jane”. The genius Peter Fonda also made horrible remarks concerning Sarah Huckabee Sanders children. The man is sick and demented. Another genius that continues to amaze us with her intellect is Rosie O’Donnell, who makes the claim that Barron Trump is autistic. She made that diagnosis by simply watching videos of Barron appearing with his parents. Let me be clear, I am not a medical person of any sorts, but I’m pretty sure Rosie O’Donnell is bat shit crazy.

You tell me, that if all of this happened to you, it wouldn’t make you mad as hell? It’s hard enough for me to be civil as it is, but if people were attacking me and my family non stop, I would be out of my ever loving mind. Every time the prez takes down a lefty, or takes a jab at Hollywood, I’m sayin’, yeah baby. Go!!!


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    It is time to take a pause and thank the Trump family for their service to our country and putting up with the horrors the Democrats have put them through and it doesn’t look like they have any shame and will continue their shame.

    We can stop this at the ballot box in the next election.



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