Big Bang

This is one of the most interesting and thought provoking articles I have read in a very long time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I will probably be thinking about this for several days.


Old Glory



2 thoughts on “ASTONISHING IF TRUE

  1. Ben why is it that so many supposedly educated scholars have such a hard time understanding and accepting what any 5 year old has learned in their Sunday School class. It’s the story of Noahs ark and the Flood !! When are people going to stop trying to explain our world by leaving The Living God out of the equation?


  2. The living God comment I 100% agree with. What is astonishing is the time line they are referring to, is before Noah’s time. They are saying that all living mammals including human beings all have roughly the same date of origin from one set of parents for each species. I don’t read it as being Noah, I read it as being the creation of all things. That is the beginning of all current inhabitants of the earth today, man and animal. We have been taught this from scripture, now modern science has just confirmed it with DNA. It’s going to be awfully hard to be a naysayer after this. Thank you for reading my stuff, and as always I appreciate your feedback. I appreciate your friendship. God Bless.


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